My Uncle's Rules

A Young girl named Rose finds out her mother is One Direction's wordrobe manager/ Make-up stylist. Her mother has planned for her to come with them on tour. Her mother gets sick and has Rose take over the job with her Strict Uncle, Simon Cowell, watching her every move. He gives her the stupidest rules that she must follow. The number one being "Don't get involved with the boys!". She is overtaken by Uncle Simon's ridiculous rules and decides that rules are ment to be broken, right?


6. Story Time

"Rose. I'm so sorry luv." Niall said while stroking my hair. " shhh. It's going to be okay babe." How could a heart so broken like mine be comforted by a man I don't even know? This is a big mystery. "Thanks Niall." I said while clearing my throat. "No problem" he replied with a slight smile. "What happened that made you freak out though?" He asked. I was happy he did ask because I want to talk about it. I haven't let myself open up to anyone except for Bella before. "Well, I looked at his phone and saw a girl texted him. She said she couldn't wait for his kisses and wanted him to come home." I said. "You could've talked to him about it. Maybe it was some phsycopathic girl who wanted you guys to break up. Or she couldve had the wrong number.?" Niall suggested. "Yeah. That's what I thoght the first time this happened." I mumbled to myself. "The fIRST time?" Niall clarified. I nodded and continued to speak. "Last year I went to New York City to help my great aunt out. I was suposed to be there for a month. She died about a week after I was there so I came home earlier. I decided not to tell because it would be a suprise. When I got home noone was there so I decided I would take a little nap. I went into our bedroom and found his phone ringing. I went to see who it was. Apperantly some girl named Callie? I think. Well anyway, it said that she was coming over. I figured she had the wrong number considering I specificaly told him that noone could come over. Nearly, two seconds later I hear keys rustling outside the door and it swing open. A lady came in wearing only a house coat. She looked around but couldn't see anyone. She crossed to the otherside of the dinning room. "Baby? We had fun last night! No? Come in here so maybe we can start the fun over again!" She said and dropped her house coat. I was in shock and bolted into the dinning room. She stared in shock at me and qickly pulled up her house coat. I said a few things that I probably shouldn't have but I got the message across that I was his girlfriend and to get the hell out of my house. So eventually she did and Justin came home. He made up a stupid excuse but I pretended to believe it because it was just one mistake. I couldn't stay mad at him no matter what I tried. I really did." I said I could feel the emotions I felt coming back but I shoved them back down my throat."it happened again too. But I walked in on it." I said recalling the memories. I felt Niall's arm reach around me and hold me tight. "I'm sorry luv. I know how hard this must be for you." He said in his adorable accent. "It's just that...when I fall Niall. I fall hard. And that doesn't happen too often to me. So when it did with Justin, I felt like I never wanted it to end." I said. And with that I stood up from the bed and gave him a hug. "Thank-you" I whispeard in his ear. This made goose bumps pop out on his neck and then throughout his body. I let out a slight giggle. His face turned so red. It was so cute. We walked out into the hallway and heard yelling down stairs. Me and Niall both looked at eachother and ran down the stairs. I followed Niall into the living room. We saw Justin and Harry fighting. They both stopped yelling at eachother and looked at Niall and I. Justin's fierce face softened and he came to me and he looked like he was going to start crying. "Baby. Please forgive me! I don't know what cake over me. I didnt mean the things I said!" He said pleading for forgivness. I couldn't say no to him. I loved him so much. I wanted to hug him and tell him it was going to be alright. I looked at Niall who shook his head and mouthing 'dont do it'. As much as it hurt, I didn't hug him and kiss him. I simply shook my head and walked away from him. "You!" Justin hollard at Naill. "You made her leave me!" He said. Justin was about to swing a punch at Niall when harry grabbed Justin and landed a bad punch in the face. Justin grabbed his bags and ran out the door leaving us all in silence. My hand was covering my mouth in 'awe'. Naill and Harry both looked at me. "Sorry?" I said with a small smile. Harry was confused and now I have to tell the story all over again.
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