My Uncle's Rules

A Young girl named Rose finds out her mother is One Direction's wordrobe manager/ Make-up stylist. Her mother has planned for her to come with them on tour. Her mother gets sick and has Rose take over the job with her Strict Uncle, Simon Cowell, watching her every move. He gives her the stupidest rules that she must follow. The number one being "Don't get involved with the boys!". She is overtaken by Uncle Simon's ridiculous rules and decides that rules are ment to be broken, right?


17. Off The Hook

I walk out and hear a deep voice from the room over. Since were stuck in a small place, the bathroom is the only place you can't hear every word people are saying. I walk out and see my Uncle Simon standing there talking to the boys. ''Shes crying because of me.'' Harry said guilty but cute as hell. ''What did you do?'' Uncle Si asked strictly. ''No. It was my fault.'' I stepped in. ''They drew on my face and from the lack of sleep I freaked out and over dramatized the situation.'' I finished with a small smile. He nodded. Harry was in shock and I realized it was good I said that because I had thought about what Niall said. Harry isn't know to think before he speaks. It was just a mistake and he really is a good guy. From what I learned in the plane. I DID forgive him but I didn't want him to know that. ''Okay we'll I'm glad everythings okay.'' Uncle si says as he walks and hugs me. ''Im going to the store to buy somethings for us to eat and ill be right back. He opened the door and walked out. We were parked at some gas station. I turned back to the boys, Well, back to Harry mostly. He looked at me confused but didn't say anything. I waited for him to say something but he just stared at me. ''Oh geez Harry! Please stop thanking me for saving your butt. Your welcome. Your welcome.'' I mumbled walking past him. ''Niall. Can you come here?'' I motioned him to follow me into the bunk room that contained like six beds. I sat on one and he sat by me. ''I still have marker on my face huh?'' I asked. He nodded then tried to hold back his laugh. It was so cute watching Niall atempt to hold his laugh in. This made me laugh as Well. ''Sorry for not listening to you earlier. I thought about it and Harry isn't the one to think before he talks. I'm still mad at him though.'' He looked at me like he didn't believe it. ''Fine. I'll just pretend I'm mad at him.'' He let out a laugh. ''Okay just be almost nice Rose.'' He said and hugged me. ''Thanks Niall. For everything.'' I wispeared while hugging him. ''Nothing a friend can't do.'' He said and pulled out of our hug. My heart fell to my stomich. A friend. That's all? I mean I know we are not together but I thought maybe he thought of me more than 'a friend'. I guess I should be happy with what I've got. I smiled lightly and turned to get up. Niall grabbed my arm and pulled me back down. Next thing I knew our lips were conected.
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