My Uncle's Rules

A Young girl named Rose finds out her mother is One Direction's wordrobe manager/ Make-up stylist. Her mother has planned for her to come with them on tour. Her mother gets sick and has Rose take over the job with her Strict Uncle, Simon Cowell, watching her every move. He gives her the stupidest rules that she must follow. The number one being "Don't get involved with the boys!". She is overtaken by Uncle Simon's ridiculous rules and decides that rules are ment to be broken, right?


18. make-up time!

'Woah. Wait. What just happened? Did I just kiss Niall? No I didn't. He kissed me. It was bound to happen sooner or later anyway. Maybe it was a friendly kiss. Do friends even kiss? No. They don't.' I thought to myself. Niall pulled away and stared at me. He seemed scared about how I would react. I stared at him confused. ''Sorry..I-'' He started and looked down at his feet. Almost like he was going to stand up. I grasped his arm. ''Niall. Don't apoligize. It's fine. Actually it was.......nice'' I blushed. ''So you wern't freaked out?'' He asked. ''I was confused. But now I understand. I mean if I were you I would've done that days ago. I mean come on! Look at me! I wish I could find someone this sexy, but whenever I do I go to hug them and just hit the mirror!'' I said jokingly. I'm not the 'romantic type' so whenever something like this happens I get really nervous or crack a joke. He laughed. ''Until you met me of course.'' Niall added. ''Uh...sure. whatever helps you sleep at night.'' I said and patted his back and headed for the door. ''One day you will learn to appreciate my stunning looks Rose!'' He said. ''Yeah sure.'' I said my tone full of sarcasm. ''You will.'' He assured me. ''Dont hold your breath.'' I said and walked out of the door. The boys were no longer standing where we left them they were all huddled by the door. There was a girl there who had a dark brown colored hair. I looked over at Niall he lit up when he saw the mysterious girl. ''Lux!''Niall yelled and jumped onto her as she plopped on the couch. ''Good to see you too Niall.'' She managed to say between her laughs. I tapped Zayns shoulder. He looked at me confused for a second. Then he understood. ''Lux. This is Rose.'' Zayn said motioning his hand to me. ''Rose, Lux.'' ''Hey.'' I said as I put my hand out for her to shake. ''Nice to meet you.'' She said while moving my hand up and down with hers. I watched as she examined my face. ''They gotcha huh?'' She said. ''What?'' I asked confused. ''Your face.'' She said with a smile while her finger traced my upper lip. I remember the faded marker that remains on my face from eairlier this morning. ''Oh...yeah. that. '' I said with a smile and turned to Niall. ''Thanks for telling me'' I said with a laugh. He just popped his shoulders. I felt my face turn a bright red. ''I think I can fix that.'' Lux said and motioned me to follow her. I followed her into the pit stop and to a girls bathroom. She ploed her purse on the sink and clasped her hands together. ''Lets get started!'' She said. She pulled around the ring of her purse to open her bag. ''Lets see...'' she said looking nervously through her bag. ''I could've sworn I put it in here......ohh! Here it is'' Lux said as she pulled out a circular foundation case and a brush. She flipped open the case and drowned her brush in the pale powder. She clensed my face with wipes then painted it with the brush. I stood in front of the mirror watching myself transfer from a odd looking pirate to a cover girl model in seconds. ''Alrighty. Done.'' Lux said verry happy about her work. ''How did you do that?'' I asked amazed at the transformation. ''Oh nothing a little foundation can't fix!'' She said closing the case. ''Thats foundation? It feels like...Well...nothing actually. I said. I never am normally the one to talk about make-up and girly things. All I do is paint my eye lashes with mascara and occasionaly smear lip gloss on. I don't own anything else because I'm not interested. ''Well, in case you didn't know I'm the boys make-up stylist so I have more where this came from'' she said addressing the foundation in her hand. ''Take it.'' She said and stuck the circular case in front of my face. I am so happy she's the boys make-up stylist because I don't know anything about make-up. I hesitated to take it but it somehow ended up in my hands. I gave her a small smile ''thanks.'' I said. She nodded and we headed back to the tour bus.
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