My Uncle's Rules

A Young girl named Rose finds out her mother is One Direction's wordrobe manager/ Make-up stylist. Her mother has planned for her to come with them on tour. Her mother gets sick and has Rose take over the job with her Strict Uncle, Simon Cowell, watching her every move. He gives her the stupidest rules that she must follow. The number one being "Don't get involved with the boys!". She is overtaken by Uncle Simon's ridiculous rules and decides that rules are ment to be broken, right?


30. Jelousy

Once we got inside I saw the waiter behind a tall desk. ''Have you made reservations sir?'' The man asked. ''Yes. Uh..Horan?'' I answered telling him what the reservation was under. The man searched through his clip board intently. ''Ah. Here it is. Horan.'' He said. ''Right this way please.'' He said and brought us to a small, round table that stood in the middle of the room. In the middle of the table was a clear vase that held a red rose inside. All I thought about was how beautiful she was. The way her eyes shine when she talks to me. How she easily dozes off in a distance. The way her blond hair flopps around in bonces along with her curls whenever she moves her head. I pulled her chair out and waited until she sat down to push it in. She was a little suprised I pushed it in though. You could tell since she held on to the table for dear life. I took my seat which was directly across from her. Her smile was bright and lit up the room. ''This is nice Niall. How'd you know this was even here?'' She asked. ''Well, this is where my dad proposed to my mum.'' I answered. ''Awee!'' She sighed. How adorable. ''Yeah. I'm planning on carrying on the tradition.'' I said. She lit up. ''Thats so sweet! I wish my family had some tradition like that.'' She said interested. Her smile kind of faded as she stared off in a distance. ''You okay?'' I asked and snapped her back to reality. She forced a smile and took in a deep breath ''im fine just out of it I guess.'' She answered. No. Something was wrong but I couldn't figure out what. Rose's P.O.V. everything was perfect. The dress. The place. The food. The boy. The only thing I would change is when I saw Harry walk into the resteraunt with some girl. He spotted me and then started to get romantic with his date. I know what he was trying to do. Get back at me for aperantly 'trying to make him jelous'? It wasn't working. I was with Niall. Niall was my date not Harry. I kept redirecting my eyes to Niall. But somehow someway my eyes landed on Harry. It's like when you try to put a clip and a magnet close together but try not to let them touch or they will attract eacother. My eyes were the paper clips Harry was the magnet. No matter how hard I tried to define his attraction, our eyes snapped together. Our eyes were at rest on eachothers. An object at rest will stay at rest until acted upon by an out side force. ''You okay?'' Niall asked. Niall was that outside force. ''Uh..yeah. just out of it I guess.'' I answered and forced a smile. ''What are you looking at?''Niall asked. ''Look.'' I said and pointed behind him where the 'romantic couple' sat. Niall spun around and had a suprised look on his face. ''Harry!'' He said cheerfully. ''Oh. Hey Niall. I didn't expect you two to be here!'' He said sarcastically and winked at me. I rolled my eyes. ''This is Erica. I'm sure you two have met at the studio right Rose?'' He said as if to make it clear what he was trying to do. ''Oh yeah! I remember you. You were that girl who always cleaned the toilets right?'' I said and Harry shot a nasty look at me. ''No.'' She laughed not understanding my sarcasm. God, she's stupid. ''I stood at the desk and signed people in.'' She said and smiled. ''It was nice to chat, but sadly our food is on It's way.'' I said showing a fake sad face. ''Oh and Erica maybe I will see you another time cleaning the toile-I mean at the desk.'' I corrected myself showing a wide grin. Harry sighed. ''It was nice to meet you Rose. And your Niall's girlfriend?'' Erica said. ''Uh-'' I started but Niall interrupted me. ''Not officialy. Yet anyway.'' Niall said. Harry was pleased with this answer. ''And I want to change that.'' Niall said and stood in front of me. Blocking out my view of Erica and Harry. He looked down at me and I could feel his hot breath on my face. ''Rose.'' He whispeared. He reached his hand in his pocket. He pulled out a black jewlery box. He opened it and I saw a beautiful infinity neclace covered in diamonds. ''Will you be my girlfriend?'' He asked in a whispear. I nodded. ''I would love that.'' I said and a smile stretched across his face. ''If.'' I said and his smile faded a little bit. ''If?'' He asked. ''If we can go to my suite and watch a movie right now.'' I said. His smile grew back. ''This tie has been bothering me anyway.'' He said. ''I know! My feet are killing me.'' I whispeared back. ''I know. It's funny watching you wobble around in those.'' He said and laughed. I turned around and he put my neclace on. I saw harry's face. I thought he would just break out and cry. I didn't feel bad though. He deserved to see this. To see I'm over him. I looked at Erica who was in 'awe' with her hand held close to her heart. ''Were going to get going.'' Niall said. ''Okay see you guys later.'' Harry forced and his voice cracked. His eyes were bloodshot. I couldn't take it. Now I felt bad. I gave them a quick wave and dragged Niall out to the car. Once we got in Niall looked at me confussed. ''What was that about?"' Niall asked. ''Why was Harry upset?'' Niall added. I put my head in my hands and tried to compose myself. ''Rose?'' He said and put his hand on my shoulder. ''Are you-crying?'' He asked again. I put my hands down and saw his eyes lock with mine as I felt a tear roll down my cheek.
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