My Uncle's Rules

A Young girl named Rose finds out her mother is One Direction's wordrobe manager/ Make-up stylist. Her mother has planned for her to come with them on tour. Her mother gets sick and has Rose take over the job with her Strict Uncle, Simon Cowell, watching her every move. He gives her the stupidest rules that she must follow. The number one being "Don't get involved with the boys!". She is overtaken by Uncle Simon's ridiculous rules and decides that rules are ment to be broken, right?


34. Great News!

IInterested in co-authoring a Movella? Who wants to help me with my new one Radioactive. The other person I was co-authoring with was ''too buisy'' workin on her other movellas. You may be wondering why she asked to co-author it. So am I and sadly I don't have an answer. Anyway, It's not a fanfiction though. I'm not going to just pick anyone though.( have already made two mistakes picking a co-author) not happening again. If you do want to help, make sure your not too buisy writing other ones, MAKE SURE YOU CAN WRITE!!!!( <-big one there! Some people didn't think it was important to know how to write before they ya know, DECIDE TO CO-AUTHOR A FREAKING MOVELLA!) Sorry about my rant...just had to get it out there:) plus looking for two people to co-author my imagines. Same rules aply. Well almost have 800 views! (You guys are the bestt. xD) adios mis amigos!!
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