My Uncle's Rules

A Young girl named Rose finds out her mother is One Direction's wordrobe manager/ Make-up stylist. Her mother has planned for her to come with them on tour. Her mother gets sick and has Rose take over the job with her Strict Uncle, Simon Cowell, watching her every move. He gives her the stupidest rules that she must follow. The number one being "Don't get involved with the boys!". She is overtaken by Uncle Simon's ridiculous rules and decides that rules are ment to be broken, right?


33. Awkward morning

''Come on Rose you don't have all day. You have to get ready to go to the studio.'' Lux said opening the shades. ''Not going.'' I mumbled into the pillow. ''Dont say that. This is your job. You're going.'' She said pulling the comforter off of my body. ''But Lux!'' I whinned. ''No 'buts'. You're going.'' She said and left my room. Ughh! My head hurt, my feet hurt, my eyes still puffy from yesterday. I sloppily slipped out of my warm comfy bed and hit the ice cold floor with my feet. I quickly took a shower and through on whatever I first saw in my closet. It was a blue lacy shirt with red shorts. No. ''I can't wear this.'' I whispeared and looked back in my closet. I found a shirt with polka dots and sliped on some jean shorts. Better. I straightened my hair and pinned a piece to the side. I slipped on my flip-flops and left out of the room. I was headed to the elevator when I got a text message. ''Were waiting in the car.-Louis'' ''be right out.'' I replied quickly. Soon I was out of the elevator and saw the van outside behind the glass doors. I walked out my heart racing every step I took closer to the van. I didn't want to see Harry and Niall. If I see Niall i would remember what he told me yesterday. If I saw Harry i would probaby choke him. I opened the sliding door and saw all the boys stairing at me. ''Hey.'' Harry said. I completely ignored him. It was as if all my girl hormones went in overdrive. With steam shooting out of my ears I hopped into the back row next to Liam. The door slammed shut and everyone was silent. It was awkward. Niall was in the passangers seat. Silent. Harry was in the first row next to Zayn while Louis was driving. I sat in the back next to liam. I got a text message from Liam. ''What exactly happened last night?'' He asked. ''Want to have another counsling session later? Lol'' ''sure. Remember I give great advice.:)''he replied. ''yeah. Not so sure about that anymore..'' I texted back and slipped my phone into my pocket. ''Louis. Are we going to eat first?'' I asked. He shook his head. ''No. We would be late.'' He answered. ''Oh come on Louis. Please?'' Niall said. ''No.'' Louis replied. Niall and I both sighed. Zayn laughed a little. ''Come on Louis! The blonde couple needs to eat. I'm hungry myself.'' Zayn replied. Liam slapped Zayns arm. ''What?'' Zayn snapped at Liam. Liam whispeared something to him. ''Well technicaly they are a couple because their two people and-'' Zayn explained to Liam. ''Zayn shut up!'' I finally let out, out of frustration. He did as told and turned around. I lent against the window and tried to forget about everyhing. But the more I tried to forget the more I found myself thinking about it. I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked and Liam pointed to Zayn. Zayn was upset. ''Whats wrong with him? '' I whispeared to Liam. ''You yelled at him.'' He whispeared back. Liam and I switched seats and now I was behind Zayn. I gave him a big bear hug from behind. ''Sorry zayniee!'' I said in a baby voice. He smiled a little. ''Its okay.'' He said with a laugh. 'I didn't know.' He mouthed back regarding Niall and my break up. ''I know.'' I said back and smiled still hugging him. I saw Harry looking at us and he smiled. I pulled away and my smile faded along with Harry's. We finally reached the studio. We all got out just as we had yesterday. When we got in I saw Erica and went to her. She gave Harry the nastiest look ever. I laughed a little and went to talk to her. Nialls P.O.V. Yesterday was the hardest thing I've had to do. I broke up with Rose less than an hour after we got together. The way her heart broke when I told her it wouldn't work out, made my already broken heart crumble to pieces. I did cry when I got back to the hotel. Liam was really concerned but I only told him that Rose and I wern't together anymore. In the van, she wouldn't even look at me. It hurt. Then when Zayn went on talking about how Rose and I were together then she told him to shut up. That hurt too knowing she doesn't even want to hear it. The glares she was giving Harry, hurt him too. I thought that since Rose liked Harry, I should play the role I play everytime a girl gets involved. ''Hey you go with Harry and we can still be friends.'' Is what I normaly say. But it just made matters worse. Now she hates me. No, she hates Harry. She hates what I put her through. I saw Rose go with the girl that I saw at dinner last night. She was giving Harry nasty glares also. I tried to get Rose to look at me but she put her head down as I walked by. I bit my lip, holding back the emotions that threatened to burst. All the boys noticed. Harry was on the other side of the room motioning me to come over. I did. His eyes a weary green. ''Niall. I'm so sorry.'' Harry said. It sounded like he was crying. This made a tear stream down my face. ''Its okay mate. She likes you better anywa-'' I started to say playing the friend role again but he cut me off. ''No. She's yours. She obviously hates me. Go get her back mate.'' Harry said. Something inside me jumped. ''Are you sure Harry?'' I asked. ''I suggest doing it before I come to my senses and stop you.'' He said with a small smile. I turned to where Rose was but Harry stopped me. ''Niall?'' Harry asked. I spun around. ''Yeah?'' I answered. ''Can I to her first?'' He asked and I nodded. He turned in Rose's direction. This was going to be interresting.
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