These Things I do for Love

My name is Anna Watson. I am a secretary for my brother John and Erik Holmes. He is the best detective I know, not only incredibly smart, but also very handsome. My brother knows of my feelings for him, and yet I can not confess. This is a story of the things I do for love.


4. The Mark

I opened my eyes, the sun blinding me. I groaned and looked around, what happened last night? I felt arms around my waist tighten. I sat up and looked at the man next to me, Holmes. I also had just noticed that we were both...naked. Had I done what I think I did...with Holmes?!

"Erik! Get up! What happened last night!!" I got up and threw on a long shirt. I was mentally freaking out. "What...?" He groaned. "Erik get up!! Tell me what happened, right now!!" I paced, throwing my hair up in a messy bun. "First of all...Sense when do you call me Erik..? And what do you THINK happened?" He sat up and rubbed his eyes.

So it did happen......What was I thinking! Erik stood up, the sheet falling off him, revealing his....manhood. I squealed and quickly turned around "Put your clothes on, and get out! Now! Before my brother sees you!!!" I felt like I was hyperventilating. I heard him sigh, and leave. I couldn't tell John, no of course not. 

Believe it or not..I was a 21 year old virgin... emphasis on was. I put on some normal clothes, fixed my hair, and walked into the kitchen casually. I was going to act as if nothing had happened, and I hope Erik did too. I grabbed a cup from the cabinet and filled it up with some coffee. 

I sat down just as John walked in. "Oh hello Anna." He smiled. "Hello..?" I took a sip out of my mug. "Anything you want to tell me?" He sat down, staring at me. "No.." How could he have possibly known?! Unless...he's not talking about...that. "You know you're a bad liar...and trust me, I already know about you and Holmes." 

My face felt like it was one fire "How...did you know..?" He chuckled "You're not exactly quiet.." 


"So you're saying she was killed the exact same way? But there is no leads...?" John asked. "Yes.....But I do find it strange that she has a butterfly tattoo on the back of her neck." Holmes said. "Why? Lots of girls get butterfly tattoos." I said. "Yes..but when I saw Matt's body...he had one too."

That was strange, men don't usually get butterfly tattoos....Is it a sign? "So will the next victim have the same tattoo...?" I asked. "Its possible....though we so very badly need a heading...and fast."



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