These Things I do for Love

My name is Anna Watson. I am a secretary for my brother John and Erik Holmes. He is the best detective I know, not only incredibly smart, but also very handsome. My brother knows of my feelings for him, and yet I can not confess. This is a story of the things I do for love.


2. Suicide

"Sorry but I'm afraid I can not let you three pass." A police officer said crossing his arms. I stepped up and jabbed a finger in his chest "Go call your Chief, I'm sure he'll let us through." He looked confused but pull out his radio. "Chief? Yeah there's three people here, Detective Holmes, Doctor John Watson and Ms.Anna Watson, It's okay to let them in?"

"Yes!....I mean yes, I've discussed it with Anna." His voice blared through the tiny,static radio. The police officer hesitated but stepped to the side, allowing us access to the victims apartment. Holmes walked in, followed by John and then me. We entered a small kitchen. "Coffee mug on the table, but not touched at all." Holmes said picking it up and taking a sip. "Hazelnut." 

He headed into the next room, which was the living room. Matthew's body hung, attached to a rope. "My god.." John sighed. Holmes pulled up his sleeves. "There are marks around his wrists, signaling that his wrists were tied." He looked over at the wooden chair, a bit far from the body. He crouch down and traced a slight scud. 

"This chair was pulled, not kicked. I also noticed the ashes of a cigarette over there by the window." He stood back up and walked over to the window. John walked over and opened the window "Which would have landed right down there." I decided I would try and actually help. I walked into the next room, a bedroom. I didn't see anything strange, but a loose floorboard caught my attention. 

"Holmes, John! In here." I called as I started to lift the piece of wood. A moment later they both walked in "Yes? What is it?" John asked a little concerned. I pulled out the box I had found "Loose floorboard." Holmes immediately took the box out of my hands and examined it. A cross inside of a oval was carved into the wood."Watson, isn't this the symbol of the Church right downtown?" 

"Yes, I do believe so." John went to open it but Holmes smacked his hand away and opened it himself. Inside was cable wire, and a half pack of cigarettes. "I think we have a heading." Holmes smirked. I knew he liked a good adventure...but sometimes he overdoes it. 


I stared up at the rather large church. The same symbol sat atop of the church "Anna if anything gets bad, I want you to leave okay?" Holmes said. I nodded, though I knew I wouldn't leave Holmes, much less my brother. "Also, knowing how you are, take this." Holmes handed me a small pistol. 

"Holmes! This is a church! I am not bring a gun in there!" I protested. "It's to protect you Anna." John said with a smile. "No! I refuse to do such a thing!" Holmes sighed, pulled up my shirt and stuck the gun in the back of my shorts. "Keep it there or you're not coming in." He said sternly. 

I sighed and accepted the fact that I had to keep the gun. I didn't like the feeling...not at all. We walked in together, me pausing before going in. I was mentally apologizing to god for bring a gun into a church. When we entered, surprisingly I didn't see anyone. "Hello?" John called out.

"Yes? How can I help you?" A middle aged man responded. He was dressed in robes, obviously the priest. "We have some questions for you." Holmes said. The man paused and finally said "Follow me, we can talk in a more private place." He opened a door and went down the stairs. 

We followed him down into what I thought was a basement. "Alright, do you have any information on the death of Matthew Alford?" Holmes paced, as he always did. "N-no...." He stuttered. "You don't have any information? At all? Well that's interesting because we found this box with your church symbol on it." The man didn't speak.

"Luther Owens right? Priest for 8 years, married to Colleen Owens, has two children..." Holmes pressed. It was quiet for a minute or two. "I....I did it....God I did it! But he has my family...that was the only way to save them.....I....God." He put his head in his hands. "Who made you do it?" John asked. 

"I'm not suppose to say.....he said no loose ends......I." "You can tell us, we can help." I put a hand on his shoulder. "You're all good people..." He paused. "Forgive me god..." He pulled out a gun. "NO!" We all shouted. But it was too late...He put the gun to his head and shot. 

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