These Things I do for Love

My name is Anna Watson. I am a secretary for my brother John and Erik Holmes. He is the best detective I know, not only incredibly smart, but also very handsome. My brother knows of my feelings for him, and yet I can not confess. This is a story of the things I do for love.


1. New Case

I sat down, sighing in relief. I had just finished all of my paper work and I could finally enjoy a cup of tea. I gently grasped it in my hands, the warmth slowly heating them. I lifted it to my lips when Holmes burst in. "Anna! I need you to make a phone call for me!" He paced and lit up a cigarette. "I've told you countless times not to smoke in my office!" 

He looked at he cigarette, and back at me. "Sorry, Habit I guess." He opened the window and threw it out. "Now what was this call about?" I pinched the bridge of my nose. "Oh yes! Matthew Alford has been reported dead. Though I do believe that he has been murdered, I would like you to convince the police to let me investigate the crime scene."

I got up and rummaged through some files, pulling out Matthew's background. "It says that he didn't have any health issues, he was only 22, not what could have killed him?" I wondered. "Well that's why I'm here, and where's John..?" He paced again, while pulling out his phone this time. "Well I think he's still working." I grabbed the phone and called the police station. 

"Hello 911, what is your emergency?" a female voice said. "I would like to talk to the chief of police please." "Hold on one second." I waited for a moment. "This is Chief Andrew Smith speaking." "I would like to get some information about the death of Matthew Alford." I crossed my legs and prepared for a fight.

"I'm sorry but that's confidential." I heard him grunt. "Well, I already knew that, But I would like to send a certified detective to look at the crime scene." He paused "Name of detective?" "Erik James Holmes." I could hear him type on his computer. "I do see that he is a certified detective, but I'm afraid that I can not let him investigate." I sighed and searched through until I found his file. I sat down and read it. Has diabetes, 35 years old, married to Emma Smith, has two children. 

I looked at his criminal record, he was once arrested in 2001 for break in...interesting. I picked up the phone again "Andrew Smith right?" I smirked. "Uh, yes?" He sounded confused. "In 2001 you were arrested were you not?" "How did you know-" "Answer the question. I'm sure that the "Warden" would like to know about this." He was silent. "Alright I don't know how you knew about that but...I'll make sure detective Holmes is allowed to search around.."

I smiled and hung up "Done." Holmes smiled and said "You're the best, and you are coming with me to get your brother." He grabbed my coat and handed it to me. "Let's go." He opened the door for me and we headed out.


We were at the entrance of Sacred Heart Memorial hospital. We both walked in up to the front counter "We're here to see John Watson." I said looking as kind as I could. "You're going to have to sit in the waiting room. He is currently busy." She said not even looking up. Holmes sighed and grabbed my hand. 

"We don't have time for this." He went past the counter and pressed the elevator button. "Sir! You can't do that!" The lady yelled getting out of her seat. "Do you have any idea who I am? I am Erik James Holmes, my great, great grandfather was the Sherlock Holmes." The elevator doors opened and he pulled me in.

He pressed the third floor button before the girl could say anything else. "How do you know he's on the third floor?" I asked. "I've been here before." He shrugged. The doors opened and Holmes then again dragged me down the hallway. He stopped in front of room 324 and walked in. 

My brother stood in front of a male patient and looked at us with shock. "Watson you're coming with us." Holmes grabbed him and pulled him out. "What?! No I'm in the middle of helping a patient! Let me go!" He protested. Holmes laughed and finally said "We have a case on our hands."

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