These Things I do for Love

My name is Anna Watson. I am a secretary for my brother John and Erik Holmes. He is the best detective I know, not only incredibly smart, but also very handsome. My brother knows of my feelings for him, and yet I can not confess. This is a story of the things I do for love.


3. Another (Thank you The_Cupcake_Hazza :D)

I sat in my office, holding my now cold tea cup in my hands. I couldn't get the priest out of my head....I mean he just...shot himself right there. I sighed and set my tea cup down, putting my head in my hands. Without warning I put my knees to my chest and started crying.

"Anna?" I heard Holmes come in. I quickly looked away "Um, yes?..." My voice cracked. He crouched down next to me "Anna...Look at me." I shook my head no, wiping away a tear. I felt him gently grab my face and force me to look at him. His hair was all messy, his brown eyes sorrowful. 

He pulled me into a tight hug. That's when I lost it, I broke down crying. "I'm sorry you had to see that...I truly am. I wish I had made you stayed outside. This fault." He pulled away and looked at me directly in the eyes. "I'm sorry.." He whispered. God...Why do I find him so attractive? He's my brothers best friend.

I glanced at his lips, moving closer. I was an inch away from kissing the man of my dreams, when of course the phone rang. I felt like my heart went into my throat. I got up and answered the phone "Hello..?" I asked. "Anna Watson? Well I've been informed to tell you that Sophie Anderson has also been reported dead. I'm only telling you this because I think Detective Holmes will be interested."

I paused "One second.." I set the phone down and walked over to pacing Holmes. He looked like he was thinking, very hard actually."Erik?" I asked.  "Ah, yes?" I could have sworn I saw a light blush on his cheeks. "Phone call." I handed him it and left the room. I took a deep breath once out in the hallway. 

I headed to my room, It was almost midnight. I walked down the shadowy hall, turning into my room and closing the door. I searched through my drawers for something to wear to bed. I found a large shirt, probably Holmes. I stripped into my bra and underwear. "Anna, I have to-" Holmes. I turned around and used his shirt to cover myself. 

"I am SO sorry! I should have knocked!" He turned around and waited. I quickly put the shirt over my head. "Yes, yes, what is it you wanted?..." I asked blushing like crazy. "Oh uhm.." He turned around and stared at me. " that my shirt?" He chuckled. I looked down at Holmes shirt, that only reached my knees. "Uhm...yeah. Sorry do you want it back?" I said looking down, blush still burning my face.

I heard him laugh and then a pair of hands lifting my chin. "Chin up beautiful..." He smiled and leaned in, gently pressing his lips to mine. I was shocked at first, his kiss was surprisingly light. Before I had time to respond he pulled away "Uhm..please forgive me.." He turned and headed for the door.

"Wait!" I spun him around, and without hesitating pressed my lips to his. He responded right away by straddling my waist. He pushed me back onto my bed, in the process of taking his shirt off. Was this really happening..?


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