Mac Miller's Mystery Girl.

Mac Miller:21
-On Tour In The Uk
-Meets Mystery Girl In Nando's
Jessica:(mystery girl)
-Has Hopeless Crush On Famous Mac Miller
-Has Sister
-blonde hair
-Blue Eyes
-Nose,Cartilage,Back dimples, Pierced And Snake Bites.
-Hollister Model
-Mac'sBest Friend
-Becomes "Close Friends" With Jessica's Sister
-Jessica's Sister
-Long Black Hair
-Green Eyes
-Dimples Pierced
-Lip Pierced
-Hollister Model


3. Ill Take It From Here..


I couldn't help myself but to look at him,not a stare kinda look,no,i wasn't trying to creep the guy out,more of a sidewards glance. He was just so..undescribable but he suddenly seemed so familiar..


Alright time to eat! haha

"Hey why don't you guys come join us at our condo later? itll be fun!"

"Bro..are you sure that's a good idea?"

"Yeah,as long as we stay together if you know what I mean.'*wink*



okay..i don't know these guys but I have to admit the one stuffing his face is pretty cute. Maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to go hang out with these weirdo's for a little while.

"Hmm..sounds alright,what time and where?"

Mac:"How about we exchange numbers and we'll come pick you guys up?"

"Okay that sounds alright,but we have a photoshoot tomorrow so we cant stay overnight."

T.mills:"Aye beautiful! Don't sweat it,well get you there and back in time for your shoot.""Btw who are you ladies?"

"Im Kirstin,and that's my sister Jessica."

Jessica:"Wait a minute..are you mac miller and T.mills?"

A/N: okay still not there yet,just a filler,i know this is short but I don't have many viewers so I don't think itll get that far.also im starting a new fanfiction on one direction its gonna have sort of a twist to it and itll be about zayn 


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