Self dialogues


3. Grades


-You need to focus! Your grades are dropping.

-I don't really care, you know? They're overrated grades, they were created solely to satisfy teachers and parents, and since my parents dob't actually care about my grades, they just serve to make people I hate happy.

-That may be true, but they still can heavily affect your future.

-Shut up, don't you see I'm having problems over here? My life is in shambles, I don't do homework because I keep getting anxiety attacks over how terrible they actually are, I'm having emotional breakdowns over my own perfectionism, failing classes because I don't hand in projects when they're due because I think that they're not perfect, can't you see that I can't do this because of you?


-Oh, and now you're just there doing nothing, like when I get anxious and start to procrastinate by writing silly short stories and incoherent doodles, can't you at least say I'm sorry?

-Not really. You don't deserve to be forgiven, you hide behind masks, you portray yourself as a writer, a half decent one even, while in reality you're just a lazy ass person who is nothing but a waste of space. You should work hard, like you know you can, I've seen some of your best works, and they're impressive, but you only do them to please yourself, you egoist jerk.

-You're an ashole. You suck. When have you done any actual work? You always sit there pushing or criticizing me, but you never move a finger to do any of the dirty work yourself! you hypocrite.



- tu quoque

- Oh, you just didn't do that did you, accusing me of committing a logical fallacy against myself. Why do we even fight, aaren't we supposed to be the same person working towards the same goal? 

-Yes, but you fucker never agree with me!

-Neither do you.



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