I'm 98288

You may say that this cruel, deadly, and torturous event never happen; but you never lived through it.


2. Chapter One

It was the summer of 1939 and things were quite in the little town of  Dulka, Poland. We had just finished eating lunch and I was helping mother wash dishes. My mother was a middle age women with brown eyes the color of molasses and dark wavy brown hair that she alway wore up in a bun. 
    As I washed the dishes I would look out the window to watch my father and little sister chase each other. My father was a Jewish doctor who was well known thought town. He also played a rule in the law enforcement to make sure that every one in the town was safe. My little sister was seven years old and had just started school. She was always wanting to play, as if her life deepened on it.

"Go ahead and go out and play if you wish." Mother says as she hands me a plate to dry off. Could my mother read my face or my mind on how much I wished I was out there playing along side my sister's and father's side. 

"No I am fine mother. I have to help you with the dishes." I say drying off a plate and reaching for a new one. 

"I can hear how much you want to in your voice young lady. You can not trick me into thinking other wise." 

"I am sixteen mother. I am to old play. I have to act in the ways of a woman like you. Playing is not for women." She stops washing the dishes and turns to face me giving me a stern look. 

"You are never too old to play. Look at your father, he is almost fifty and he is out there having the time of his life. You are still young and have a long life still to become a woman. It is best for you to enjoy yourself, so get out there and have fun." My mother always knew what to say to me at the right moment and that is one characteristic that I loved about her.  

    Little did I know at the time when she was speaking of my still having a long life ahead did I know that that long life would be cut short. The torture and pain that I was about to go through in just a matter of months, but at that time I was not thinking about it. 

"Thank you mother so much!" I said as I hugged her almost knocking her down with how joyed I was. 

"Your welcome sweetheart. Now go have some fun" I ran out the back door to find my sister and father about to play a game of Hide-and-Go-Seek. 

"Do you want to join us Celestyna?" My little sister called as she saw me come out the back door.

    My little sister was one of the nicest people you would ever meet. She was always smiling, laughing, and winning people's hearts over with her brown eyes and short brown hair. My father would always buy her what she wanted which did not bother me since I am more or a mama's girl then a daddy's girl. 

"I would love to Malina." I say as I walk towards my sister and father to play a game of Hide-and-Go-Seek. We played the rest of the day until it was dinner time. 

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