And then...?

This is a jumble of all our little thought compressed into one ginormous story. We both do not fully know about characters and people so yes the story may be off a little with information. But hey this is our story so we control it. Well enter in our jumbled world by reading the story. Enjoy


3. Tied up, in the hands of our enemies

Celine                                                                                                                  Nina

All of a sudden this African man in a silk suit appears

AG: hello my pretties, come it is time for judging.

The two of you follow this man toward the boat, your

body feels weightless. You step onto the boat with the help

of CG. You sit down beside an elderly couple. The man soon

turns into a skeleton in a dark robe. The elderly couple scream

in frightment while you and the CG sit there in curiosity.

AG: WELCOME TO THE UNDERWORLD!! This is the river 

stynx, a river filled with the lost hopes of every living thing.

Watch out, battle axes and swords tend to fly in our direction.

You can't feel nothing but despair for all the lost dreams. Every

once in awhile you duck under the boat. Having CG protect you

by trying to shield you. The ride is quick. You step off the boat. In

this megaphone the judges call you and CG. Both of you slowly walk

through the gates awaiting your destiny. 


Nico says between gasps and being dunked underwater. Quickly, you

take a running start and jump as high as you can.  Your feet burn your

shoes off and now you're flying!  "AHHHH!" you scream, headed straight

for the tentacle monster and Nico.   You throw a punch-or at least,

try to-causing a wave of fire to burn the tentacles squeezing Nico.  They

disintegrate on impact and Nico goes falling into the water. Unfortunately,

so do you.  You try to use your fire powers under the water, but that

only results in creating steam and getting you tired and drained of

energy.  You feel a huge slimy tentacle wrap around you before being

dragged into the dark abyss of the ocean. 

The judges are floating in the air. On a table like they do in American

idol. They over look you knowing they're the ones in power and you

have no choice.

J#1: death by nymphs??

*stares at others with a questionable face

J#2: nymphs always have a reason to kill *flips through paper

J#2: you tried killing the juniper?!?!? No wonder why

J#3: I say to the field of punishment!!!!

J#1: well they have a good history other than that I mean

they invented shoes. Works miracles for today help

"Wake up!!" someone calls out to you. You open your eyes and realize 

that you are at camphalf blood, tied to a chair along with Nico who

is tied to a chair behind you.

"Hello Nico.." a very familiar voice says, stretching the 'i' in nico. 

"And who do we have here?"

"Percy! I should have known!!" Nico yells, struggling to get out of his

ties, causing yours to tighten. "OW!" you yell instinctively and Nico

immediately stops. "Why do I always hurt people?!?" he exclaims


You fight, saying you don't belong into the field of punshiment. 

And you try to go out for Elysium, although what spontaneous things

have you done? Making shoes is a good think but unaware man slaughter?

They weren't sure but after pointing all the good you landed in Elysium. You 

both walk in delightment stories of great things of the amazing life you

would have there.

"Ha! You will not escape my bonds!" Instantly, you set them aflame and

both Nico and you picked up your chairs and smashed them into

Percy.  He passed out and fell on the wood floors.  "Well then!" You said,

surprised that that was all it took to knock out the son of Poseidon.

"He never really was the tough type." Nico added.

"Ohh.." you stared at your hands.

"Wanna still go get food, or no? I know a lot has happened already

but I'm seriously still hungry." You laughed but accepted his offer.

You both go to elysium. Life there is perfect. The "sun" is shining

while you party there with others. There was this big festival so

you and guy go together. While there you run into ****!!

*: hey Nina

N: hey ****........

G: who's he?

N: no one

*: hahaha thanks. I was her boyfriend

*tries to shake hands with guy

G: what's he doing? *whispers

You teach him what shaking hands mean.

*: so r u 2 a thing?

G: no........

*ur heart metaphorically fell

*: wanna hang out then?

N: nope

*: well at least I'm having the guys to

N: ohh please not this shit again

G: what's going on?!?!?

(AUGH GROSS AUGH BLEEEHHHH *throwing up omg gross Augh

I cannot shake that gross feeling off XP XD lolz)


You two traveled long and far where you eventually burst through

the doors of White Castle.

"Oh hey!!" called out a girl from a booth.

"Wut?!" you responded angrily, obviously exhausted from the trip.

Your face was covered with a layer of dirt, and your hair stuck up in just

about every place it shouldn't have been.  Same went for Nico, but you

thought he looked like a hot taco like that anyway.  He stared at you, a

funny expression on his face. 

"What?" you asked him this time, but much nicer. 

"Did you just call me a hot taco?" he asked, smirking. 

Oh my gondalla did I say that that out loud?  Nico nodded before bursting

out laughing.  No sooner had he started laughing, he doubled

over, clutching his stomach.

Dang!!! I always do that!!!! Not at the right time xD


Wait what did I leave off at?

When Guy said :What's going on?!?!?" (ps what does it mean

when it said "well at least I'm having the guys to"?"

Kk thanks

*: you stole her from me you dope

G: dope? I'm the one who has a life other than playing minecraft

*: at least I have the decency to wear a shirt

G: probably because you have nothing to show off!! You tube of lard!!

**** had enough of this non-sense, he throws a punch at Guy but ****

isn't that strong. To guy it felt like being pelted with packing peanuts.

Guy was nice enough to just dodge the punches, cause we all know

that if he threw one, **** would be at the hospital. **** was panting

really hard and unable to breathe.

G: wanna leave now?

"Jeez I'm so hungry, laughing hurts" he managed to wheeze out.

"There, there." you sympathetically patted his back in a mocking manner. 

You both approached the cashier dude, eyeing the menu above their

heads.  After staring for a couple seconds, Nico reached into his pocket

before slamming his fist down on the counter.

"Fuck this. I'll buy everything." he grunted and opened his hand. Dozens

of drachmas fell out and the fat cashier dude passed out. 

"Uh...dafuq did you do that for?" you asked.

"YOLO!" he yelled and hopped over the counter, sauntering over

to the machine full of fries.  You couldn't believe this.  Being only

mere hours with the son of Hades had transformed Nico and you

in ways you couldn't imagine.  He was much more outgoing and you

were part goddess now!  Sort of.  The outgoing part of Nico

seemed...dangerous.  Dangerous in a good way!

"Well? You gonna join me? Or are you gonna stare at the fat guy until

he wakes up?" Nico called out, his mouth full of fries.

N: sure why not?

You both leave the dying **** on the ground. Far enough you both

start laughing your heads off. It isn't right but its ****, seeing him in

pain is funny. No one likes him really. You both play a carnival game

but guy wins cause the look on his face is priceless. Being the sweetheart

he is, he gives you the pikachu!! Then you both go onto a ride similarly

like the superman. For you it was fun but guy looked green. 

N: need help?

G: no no I'm good 

He holds onto you for support

N: how about we sit down.

You both sit down and just awkwardly watch him.

N: umm you know what? I'll go get you some ginger ale, it's supposed

to be good for you...........

G: okay, can you get me a bag as well cause I feel imma-

"Um..I don't know, aren't the police gonna come or something?"

Nico smirked and burst out laughing. "That sounded wrong" he stated.

Your face heated up and you hopped over the counter, going past him

to shove your hand in the fry machine to grab a handful of fries. 

"You're dirty!" you smirked and shoved a bunch of fries into your mouth.

"I try, I try." he replied nonchalantly.

"Hey!! Where's my order?!?" someone yelled.

The voice came from the drive thru window and it was an angry bald fat guy.

"I've been waiting for ten minutes already!!!" he hollered. Nico grabbed a random

bucket off of the ground and ran to the window. "RIGHT HERE, BITCH!"

he splattered the contents on the man and took off.

Guy threw up all over you. It reeked of eggs and oatmeal. You were

drenched in his throw up. The sight made you throw up on him as

well, right in his perfect hair. Thank god you're in Elysium cause the

throw up disappeared and you smelt like a daisy. 

G: that's nice we're cleaned up and all but I still feel like shit

N: that's nice, why don't we head back to my place.

You both walk off the dock and take a taxi. Holding a plastic bag near

him just in case. Finally you get into your apartment, thee you care for

him as a nurse would.

This is not fun at all you thought, taking care of him is nice but John

Lennon was playing at the carnival.

You tuck guy into bed and sit beside him staring outside your window

hearing the concert.

(I love John Lennon!!! How did you know?!?)

Hahaha wild guess? Jkjkjk I know you well

The sight of the angry man causes you to explode in laughter and

ultimately, the contents of the bucket caught on fire.

"Shit!" you exclaim. The fat man is freaking out now and he drives

away, crashing into a lamppost.  You and Nico stick your heads

out of the drive thru window to get a better look.  The fat man jumped

out of the car and began running in circles, flailing his arms.

Nico scoffed."As if that's gonna do anything."

"What exactly was in that bucket?" you asked.  Nico thought for a bit

before answering. "Soda. Oh wait..nope.  It was oil.. I think." At

that, the flames on the man's head grew even larger in size.

Ohh shit poor man xD

You watch the concert every seconds of the minute. Finally there's

an intermission, and you went to the bathroom.  There you hear

mumbling from Guy, but that's normal since he talks in his sleep.

When you come back you find Guy sound asleep. There was 15 minutes

left so why not get some food. You made popcorn which sounded like

gun fire shots, tiptoed but the wooden floor made large creaking sounds,

and opened the fridge to a large yawning sound.  Yet Guy isn't awake.

You set down your stuff and check Guy's temperature, he looked

adorable sleeping. You kissed his forehead and went back to your

place to watch. The concert was over and it was about midnight so you

go to bed onto the couch.

*next morning*

The doorbell awakens you, at what 6 in the morning? Who could that be?

You shuffle your feet across the floor and open the door to.....

Yay! Lolz I'm eating skyflakes right now

"Should something?" you asked, unsure. Nico hesitated

while answering.  "Ehh...I guess..?" he shrugged. "Ooh! I have

an idea! Try using your powers, like think of yourself as sucking

the energy back into you like a vacuum cleaner."

You raised your arms and the flames quickly disappeared.

"Nice!!" he exclaimed and pulled you into a tight side hug with

his right arm.  You laughed and high fived him while he scarfed

down on more fries.  Suddenly, there was a high pitched wailing


"Crap." you said and adrenaline started to kick in.

"What? What is it?" Nico asked, still in a good mood, oblivious 

to what as happening.

"That would be the authorities,"

"So?" he replied. "They're probably going to go somewhere else!"

he let go but you could still feel warmth in the spot where he held you.

You stuck your head out the window and pointed.

"Where else could they be headed?!?" you hollered.

Nico looked once more out the window to see what you were seeing.

The man lay motionless in the parking lot, his bald head steaming

underneath the lampposts in the night.

Shit shit shit!!! Burn down the entire place so no trace of evidence

and shadow travel the fuck out of there xD

There before stood the John Lennon, there you stared at him in awe.

For a moment you thought it was a dream but you began pinching 

yourself. Hmmm... Maybe poking him would work.

"Poop" you exclaims as you poked his stomach.

J: "Here in the flesh and body"

N: umm we're dead?

J: ohh right right....... I forget sometimes

Awkward.... you thought

J: well I heard from a little birdie you love my music

N: oh my gosh yes, I'm a huge fan

J: well may I come in?

N: sure sure, sorry. 6 am in the morning doesn't suit me.

J: no problem my dear

He then took out his guitar. Staring at it in awe

J: I know a beauty right? Got it from Paul, I'll return the favor

when he's umm here.

He begins strumming his guitar to one of their best songs of all time.

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