And then...?

This is a jumble of all our little thought compressed into one ginormous story. We both do not fully know about characters and people so yes the story may be off a little with information. But hey this is our story so we control it. Well enter in our jumbled world by reading the story. Enjoy


2. Seperation of Stories

Celine                                                                                                                  Nina


NDA: *grins and takes your hands in his while staring into your soul*

*CG and you are sprinting up a hill running faster and faster

as the herd picks up speed. At the peak of the hill you slow

down to catch your breath. The sun is slowly rising up, 

something so beautiful. You both stare at it in awe but for too

long. The herd is nearby in only a matter of seconds. The 

logical thing to do..... Go all ninja and ride them buffalo.

He took a deep breath. "well theres a certain ritual you have to follow.

I found this out a while back and it comes in handy for 

people who are originally mortals but it may or may not

be painful so i don't know if-"

"I DONT CARE, JUST DO IT!" you interrupt and he widens his eyes.

"Well alright.  Follow me." he runs downstairs and stands in front 

of the fireplace.

You and the Croods guy are riding buffalo. Then

you head into this forest. There you two experience magical 

trees. Their roots seem to entangle both of you. They capture you as

prisoners while you hear in the back ground



"This might hurt.." he sticks his open hand into the fire and you

scream, afraid for him. "Hey its okay." A bright symbol remains on his

hand when he takes it out.

"Give me your hand." you gingerly let him take your hand in his.

"Okay fine, it's gonna hurt A LOT." 

"Wait WHAT?" your voice comes out as a shrill.

"You agreed so, yeah!" he presses his bright hand onto your palm

and your heart rate jumps.

"Intruders!! Itruders!!" they keep chanting.

You don't understand cause they let the buffalo run free.

Finally trapped, these ladies begin climbing out of the tree trunks.

They have green hair and pointy ears. Petite yet beautiful. The

head lady begins speaking: Hello my name is Juniper.

You are disrupting the balance of nature. Crossing forest preserves,


CG: I thought nymphs were humble people?

"Holy shit!! Are you okay?!"

he screams as everything black out.  Your head aches when you open

your eyes and Nico is sitting close to you.  Really close. You

cough, blushing and he turns to you.  "Are you okay?!  I didn't think it

would have that strong of an effect on you!!" he grabs your shoulders, 

shaking you to get your attention.

J: Everyone always thinks we are nice, but frankly some of us

aren't. We need to protect these forests from mortals like you.

Before, the earth was a majestic beautiful place filled with delicate

creatures. When you mortals came in, they earth is slowly dying. By

that you should be punished!!!! There was chatters between the dozen

of people as though they were a jury. You notice this little girl begin to

scream wildly.

LG: they don't.... They don't do anything wrong.

*she whimpers and sniffles between words

LG: please you have no possible proof that they did harm other than crossing.

J: Shut up Scarlett! You don't know humans like them, I've lived way 

longer than you. I know more on what these disgusting things have

done!!! Look what they did to mom!

"HEY CELINE ARE YOU ALIVE?!" he yells into your ringing ears.  You blink

a couple of times before nodding. "Thank God, I thought you were dead.

Haha get it? Cause..ehh never mind." his chuckles die down.

"Did it work?" you ask and he shrugs.  "Test it out," he replies and points

to one of the vases above the fireplace. "Alright," you nod and raise your arm.

Nothing happens.  After a couple of seconds of waiting, you turn back to him.

"What am I supposed to be doing exactly?" you ask, hoping not to come off as stupid.

"Um just wave your hand or something and think of yourself as if you are

transferring energy." he replies a bit confused.

S: yah but they aren't the ones who killed mum!!

CG whispers to you: this girl got spunk but we gotta get out of here.

Take this. *hands you a sharp bone

N: okay what's the plan after we free ourselves?

CG: run I guess?

*you quickly saw the tree roots but notice that juniper looks pained.

Her eyes stare, dark as night look full of rage and sadness.

J: Kylie and Jane get the girl and throw her in the pond.

You take a deep breath before shutting your eyes and pushing your hands forward.

There's a loud WHOOSH and you can hear the crackling of the fire still. "Darn!!

Nothing happe-" you start as you open your eyes but are quickly amazed

to see the vase and everything on the wall is scorched with fire.

"Did I-I-I-I do that?" you stutter because you're giddy with excitement.

The vines untangle from you and you land in the arms of Kylie

and Jane. You struggle trying to fight them off.

N: why am I being thrown into a pond?!?!?

J: you were trying to kill me

CG: dang it!!!

N: wait what?!?

CG: I forgot that nymphs lives are connected to a tree so harm to 

tree, harm to them. Idiot!!

J: that's right! Trying to kill me. And you're part of the plan so into

the pond as well *she huffs out

N: well the least I could do is drown.........

The nymphs carry you both off into the pond for doom. You both keep

fighting but the roots keep tightening and tightening. This pond is no

ordinary type of "pond" its filled with hungry piranhas and crocodiles.

They're are 10 feet long water spiders crawling everywhere. The 

insects nibble away on your skin while the nymphs have an immunity 

to it.

"Yup!" he laughs and jumps off of the couch. "I'm starved. Wanna go

grab a bite?" Wait a second, was he asking you out on a date? "Sure!"

you reply enthusiastically.  He sprints to a dark corner of the room

and instead of crashing into it, he disappears into the small shadows.

"Nico?" you ask uneasily.  You approach the wall and tap it

curiously.  Suddenly, a hand pops out and pulls you into the shadows.

You both await to be tossed into the pond. The piranhas and

crocodiles await to feast on your remains. Looking eagerly as if they

haven't been fed in ages. They heave your body back and fourth 

in a motion like knocking down a door with a log. You couldn't 

wait, shutting your eyes in frightment. Before  you knew it you were flying

in the air, far away from the nymphs. Man were they strong. The CG and you

land in the water with a big splash. You both gasp for air but the 

water spiders keep pulling you down.

CG: I have one more thing to say!! I-" 

But it was too late.

Everything turned into darkness. Your spirit watches as you're being torn

to shreds motionless. You then awake in a strange field. Along with CG, both

of you lie in tact. This field was different, the grass was dry making it painful

to lay up. In the front of you lies a lava river surrounded by floating birthday

cakes, baby toys, and toughts. A big sign is above saying

"welcome to the underworld"

You feel as if you are being sucked through a dark tunnel, your only

guidance being a firm grip on your wrist.  Finally, you emerge on the other

side, gasping for air. "Nico?" you call out.  He isn't anywhere in sight. 

The only thing you see is a beach before you, the waters calm and inviting.

"Nico?!" you call out more desperately. "GAH!" you hear the unmistakable 

sound of Nico's voice coming from the crashing waves.  It's hard to see because 

it's midnight.  Tentacles shoot out of the water around the frantic Nico

and you rush to the edge of the water, not knowing what to do.


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