And then...?

This is a jumble of all our little thought compressed into one ginormous story. We both do not fully know about characters and people so yes the story may be off a little with information. But hey this is our story so we control it. Well enter in our jumbled world by reading the story. Enjoy


5. Revelation/Meeting the Dad

Celine                                                                                                                  Nina


"WHO GOES THERE?!" Hades bellowed again.  

You lay perfectly still as he circled around the couch,

unbeknownst to your location. Your mind raced, searching 

for some type of excuse if you were discovered.  Movement

off to the left caught your eye.  A spider–about the size

of a penny–its legs long and thin.  You felt something

on your face and it took everything you had within you not to


HERE.  Oh right.  You were in Hell.  Your glasses started to slip

off of your nose and you stuck your hand out to catch them.  The

slightest movement caused a blanket of dust to fall from above

you.  And more bugs.  Hundreds of them to be exact.  It was

either this or death.  You screamed.


Fire was unleashed everywhere, burning and killing the spiders and

centipede.  Not to mention the couch.  Which Hades happened to

be sitting on at the moment.

You know my weakness!!

*10 years later*

You are running, running away fast.  They keep gaining on you,

but you stayed strong.  The monsters, they were chasing you.

Chasing you down.  You had short choppy hair, your skin was

quite pale but it seemed to radiate.  Your eyes were as blue as

the sea.  Typical day, the monsters chasing you, only equipped

with a baseball bat.  It seemed to hold off monsters but left you

in bruises and scars.  The dock, you hid between these huge

cargo boxes assuming the monsters wouldn't catch your scent.

 They seemed to have run in a different direction, leaving you in

peace. Life before was a nightmare back at home.  The only one

who seemed to be there for you was dad, but he lost his sanity.  

Always running through trouble.  The police took you away little,

you jumped from foster home to foster home. Each place became

worse than before, sure there was some friend to help you now

and then but there was no time to stick along.  You set off to the

beach, there you ate an old roast beef sandwich that tasted like dry

sponges.  The cool air felt nice so you took off your jacket for awhile

and just laid in the sand.  Night hit and soon you were asleep.  No

monsters attacked while you slept, thank God.  Before you knew it, you

were on your feet again walking away.

Whoa whoa whoa–HOLD UP! Am I white now or

something? Not to sound racist or anything XD

Ur a pale Asian Ohhhh lol XD with blue eyes?

Interesting, interesting

Yah figure out ur mom

  "What the-" Hades roared the last part while bursting into

flames–turning into his demon form.  You screamed and

backed away, crawling.


Before you had time to respond, he hurled a ginormous fireball at you

and your life flashed before your eyes.

"DAD!" Nico ran into the room just in time and you shielded

your face with one arm.  The fire split automatically, not even

burning you. Speaking of burns, the one from the fireplace

still stung. "Don't hurt her, she's with me!" he had to yell to

be heard over the  roaring of the flames.  Hades narrowed

his eyes at you before shrinking down back to his human form.

"Riiiiiiiiight.  What exactly are you doing in my house?  Specifically

speaking, in Hell?  You reek of mortal beings." his english accent

was thick.  You scoffed and stood up, brushing dirt off

of your jeans. "I'll be happy to say that I am not one hundred

percent mortal."

Hades raised an eyebrow.

"I'd like to test that theory."

"DAD!" Nico interrupted.  "You don't need to be so rude to my friend."

Friend? Fine, might as well play along.  You crossed the room and

slung one arm over Nico's shoulders.

"Yes, we are friends."

you made sure to stretch the word 'friends' and couldn't help but notice

Nico wince when you said that.


XD point!


As you were walking, you notice this ghostly looking lady.

There she was again, she appeared at good times of help.  You

had the urge to follow her, so you did.  Last time she guided you

to safety when the monsters were gonna cut your head off for

shooting them in the eye with a BB gun. You eventually ran out

of ammo so you just threw it away plus it was beaten up pretty

bad.  This lady seemed to take you onto this long journey, your

feet began to ache in your boots. It was a though it were being

stabbed with thousands of needles. Finally the lady stopped in 

the middle of the park. There you saw, a boy and girl fighting

against this group of furies.  The boy looked like a skater with dark

black hair that brushed to the side with different colored eyes. They

weren't totally different but they seemed to change from green to blue

to brown.  The girl had curly brown hair, sprawled everywhere as though

she didn't comb it.  They looked like normal kids except they were cut and

bruised badly.  Your instincts kicked in as you joined their fight.

Hades seemed to think for a bit before continuing to pester you with

his questions.  "So..are you a demigod of some sorts?" You opened

your mouth to speak but Nico pushed you behind him and started

talking like a mad man.  

"Actually yeah she is–in fact, she can control

fire!  Isn't that cool?  Cause now you two actually have something in

common and don't have to bicker anymore!  Plus..uh-" he struggled

to keep up the enthusiasm and paused. " guys don't like water..?"

Nico was desperate to keep up the lie but Hades could obviously see

through it. 

"That's nice, my dear son, but you STILL haven't told me her name."

That didn't seem like the best idea, but you blurted it out anyway.

"My name is Celine!" you exclaimed, throwing your arms down at your sides, as

if you were standing your ground–which you were.  Hades stroked his beard

and waved you off.

"You may leave."

Nico exhaled and entwined his fingers with yours before dragging you upstairs.

You clambered your bat onto the furies head.  It knocked out just

enough for the boy to stab his dagger into the fury.  While the girl jabbed

the hilt of her sword into this other fury.  You took a swing at the other 3

furies left.  Unfortunately the furies didn't budge as easily as the other, it

took awhile.  But it sure did help the girl and guy, you know by weakening

them.  The fight was finally over.

B: nice to meet you, I'm Finn

As he held out his hand toward you

G: I'm Juliet, you're pretty good. I suppose you're a demigod cause you saw

through the mist.

You: Hi I'm Raven, but demigod? Mist?

F: Ohh we've got a lot to explain

J: How old are you?

R: I'm 10 years old

F: Woah you're pretty young to be out here

R: Been on the run since I was 8, the spiders and monsters keep attacking.

Foster homes are no good.

J: I understand where you're coming from

F: Well here, take this shield. It's told to protect those who need it most.

R: Really? You're willing to loan me this?

F: Not loan, keep.  You're special, you have the courage in your eyes.

R: Thank you.

J: Well we better set off, get back to safety.

Nico closed the door quietly behind him and turned back around to

face you.

"That was close.  Too close." he huffed.

"I don't know what the big deal is, why did you have to act so nervous?"

 you hopped up onto his bed, testing to see if you could jump on it.

"He's HADES. If he found out that I gave a mortal–no offense–powers of

that equal to a demigod, he would make my life a living Hell.  As if this isn't

enough already." he seemed legitimately scared. "What are you doing?" he

inquired and squinted his eyes at you.

"Can I jump on your bed?" you asked.  He gave you a puzzled look but that

quickly turned into a smirk. "Knock yourself out." he made sure to shove

a t-shirt underneath the door to block out your voices just in case Hades

happened to eavesdrop.

"Weee!!" you started laughing.  The bed was seriously like a trampling and

you had never had this much freedom before. "Hahaha!! This is awesome!" you

beamed and for once, Nico actually grinned at you. "Come on!" you called to

him and he started jumping on the bed too. Nico's hair looked funny as it

bounced in the air.  You were both laughing hysterically and cheering for about

ten minutes until you started gasping for air.  You both kept jumping and making

awkward noises until someone started banging on Nico's door.


Hahaha a green tshirt?

You hike up several hills into this place which was heavily densed

with pine trees.

J: Here we are–Half Blood Hill.

R: Where?

F: We are near the entrance of our camp.

J: Camp-Half Blood

R: Ohh..I wonder who my mother is.  By the way, whose are your


J: Aphrodite is my mum!

F: Hermes is my dad.

J: Let;s get moving before any monsters begin to attack.

You follow her lead through the entrance.  This place was amazing, the

cabins built in a 'U' shape.  The Strawberry Fields aroma dances around

your nose. The water glistens brightly in your eyes.  There were a bunch

of kids at archery, sword fighting one another, and chariot racing.

F: Let's go to the big house to introduce you to Chiron.

You walk quickly to this big blue house.  There outside was a man riding

a horse.  You took a second look to realize that he was half horse waist

and half man waist up.

C: Welcome to Camp-Half Blood, young demigod!!!


Ohh someone might get the wrong idea what we doing~?!?! XD

Someone burst into the room and as you turned your head to look, you

didn't see that part of the blanket was wrapped slightly around your foot.

Two people stood in the doorway and you freaked out and jumped off the

bed.  Well, at least–you tried to.  The blanket yanked you back but Nico

just happened to be right behind you at that moment and the result was

embarrassing.  You crashed backwards, the blanket unwinding from around

your foot and you both flew on the other side of the bed towards the floor.

At the last possible second, you twisted your torso and landed centimeters

away from Nico. 

Okai well,

R: Hello Chiron?

C: Well aren't you a bit young all along?

R: I suppose..

C: Well, looks like you need some cleaning up and some rest!

That didn't sound like a compliment.

C: Finn, take her to the Hermes cabin.

F: Oh yay!! You shall meet my brethren and sister!

*You walked over to the Hermes cabin.

This place wasn't as amazing as the other cabins. Plus it was crowded.

R: Hermes had that many kids?

F: No no, these demigods haven't been claimed yet. Especially since

they're younger than the given age.

R: Does that mean I have to wait until I'm what?

F: 13, and no.  If your parent is willing to then she'll claim you.

R: Sounds like I'm at a slave auction.

F: Well this is your bed.

*As he patted, to the wall.

F: Oh yeah..

*It pulled out of the wall. An actual bed. You don't even remember what it

was like.

F: Ohh and your set of clothes. Just a Camp-Half Blood Tee, jeans, and some

tennis shoes.

R: Thank you.

F: No problem, the bathhouse if over there.

*As he pointed out the door.

F: There should be some soap there.

You carried your clothes out, and headed for showers. When you get there

you see Finn again?

R: Hey I just saw you over there..? How did you get here so fast?


"Ouch, that looked like it hurt." said the girl with the blue streak

in her hair.  You looked up, your hair is falling in your face.  

Nico groaned and rolled over. "What are you doing here?" He muttered,

half exhausted, half agitated. The girl laughed and that's when

the boy next to her spoke, "We're here to orientate a new demigod at 

Camp Half Blood." Nico sighed,"Thats my job you guys. You meet us

there." The girl and boy ignored him.

"Ohh that's my twin brother Finn, I'm jack." as he held out his hand.

Sorta awkward when he's only in a towel.
R: Hi, I'm Raven
J: What cabin are you in?
R: Hermes.
J: Ohh ill be seeing you often
He said as he winked and walked away. 
.......what a weirdo you thought as flames creeped on your face. You

finally took a got shower. You stayed in there for hours removing the

grime of 2 years on the streets. You went back into the Hermes cabin

to take a nap.

"So you're the demigod, eh?" The girl questioned a she cocked her

head to one side. You nodded and she reached her hand out to 

one side. You nodded and she reached her hand out to you, willing you to shake it. 

"I'm Thalia. That's Percy." You shook her hand and the boy with the

dark brown hair, smiled shyly and waved. Wow, he sure was cute

but capturing us earlier was uncalled for. Nico rolled his eyes and

brushed the dark hair out of his face. He didn't seem to appreciate their presence. 
"So... Who are your parents? Or to be more specific, who's your immortal parent?" Percy

casually leaned against the doorway.

"-shouldn't you guys be cleaning out the forest from yesterday's previous game of

Capture the Flag?" Nico quickly interjected. Thank goodness he saved you from

the spotlight. Thalia laughed before becoming serious again. "Thanks for

reminding us. We'll see you two lovebirds there then. Ciao!" Sarcasm dripped

from her voice but she seemed to like you. You might become good friends. Percy

sighed before giving you a once over and leaving you and Nico alone, tangled

in the sheets on the floor. Joy.

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