And then...?

This is a jumble of all our little thought compressed into one ginormous story. We both do not fully know about characters and people so yes the story may be off a little with information. But hey this is our story so we control it. Well enter in our jumbled world by reading the story. Enjoy




MUCH OF THOSE TEXTS STARTED OFF AS..harassment *wink* jkjk


Keep in mind that these were texts so they will in fact, have

horrible grammar.  But ALSO KEEP IN MIND THAT THEY WILL


It will stink, but it will get better! READ ON.

Celine                                                                                                                  Nina

Have u watched highschool musical?

No why?

U won't understand if u haven't seen the movie


Too late;now u will never know

NOOOOOO!!!! * collapses onto knees and screams into raining sky*


*taps fingers maliciously while laughing into the raining sky

PLEASE!!!! I BEG OF YOU!!!! *crawls up to you and grabs your leg*

Never!!! Now leave me alone peasant

*bitch slaps you across the face

WAAAAA!! *falls back and clutches at face*

*music starts playing Don't you see it cannot be, now leave......

*crazy dancing scene like in Disney

"That's not a way to treat a friend." a tall man with a hat

walks out of the shadows.

Well hello there.........

*walk up to the man fingers walk on chest *****definitely a hot guy

He looks down at your hand, a confused look on his face. 

Touching a vampire? Unheard of!


(AHHH Marshall lee?!?!?) Keep quiet and you don't get hurt

*logan lerman all ninja like drops out of air as a vampire slayer

Actually, his name is Blackhat and he's from the 

movie the Priest.  Jack Frost flies in and places his hand

on my cheek, instantly making it feel better.

(Its Marshall lee whether u like it or not)


*I scream

You: it's too late

*you start growing in size with flames surrounding you. Evil laughter while jack F melts cause ur too powerful for him

"Fire!! My beautiful creation!!" Guy from the Croods

runs out of nowhere and hold his arms out.

*you sniff the air

I smell, I smell demigods

*dun fun dun

*Nico and Percy cartwheel into the room pointing their swords to your neck

You: hello son of Poseidon and hades. I shall feast

well tonight.

*you turn into a harpy and fly

*Percy takes you down using his water power while Nico summons the dead.

The dead try to engulf your harpy self

My soul flies out of my demon-overun body and returns

to my normal human-self that is unconscious and lying on

the ground.

*the rain washes over the blood

"So much for a friend thing" smirks Marshall lee *while floating in air

"Thank you" I whisper to them, "Is life like this normal?" I question.

"What do you mean?" Questions nico.

"For me it is!" Guy exclaims while setting me gently on the couch

and collapsing next to my unconscious normal human form. Nico nods

too and shoves his hands into his pockets.

Me: yes, so how's being king of the ghosts?

*as I awkwardly rub the palms of my sweaty hands.

I'm so nervous as the thoughts run through my head. What do 

I do?!?! God I'm an idiot

"Pretty awesome. Hey i don't mean to sound random or anything, but 

wanna get a personal view of Hell?"

*nico smirks*

what I whisper to guy: hey can u teach me how to make shoes?

Okai 3rd POV is easier so.

C: Hell yah! Get it?

NDA: umm yah


*random guy and you:

Guy: why would I teach you how to make shoes? What

proves your worthy?

Well thanks dude ur making every person I like

hate me while I'm letting the people

u love like you back

Lol no you have to go on an awesome quest with

this random guy. To prove that your self worth which he then

accepts. Then that leads to ur idea of what shall


Not just some random guy.

GUY from the Croods, remember?!?


And Guy's character happens to be very friendly

and open to randomness so HA

Ohh well then I got

lost.......... But hahaha then he's way nicer

so then you don't have to prove your self

worth. So Okai take the story in your hands

omg I love you XD okai


NDA-Alright but you need to stick close okay?

I don't need more lost lives in my hands

Percy-I'm  so lonely *puts hands on face and starts sobbing uncontrollably*

C: Lonely? What about annabeth?

*C sympathetically pats his back


You and Croods guy

N: so you make them like this?

*with puzzled look on his face

CG: no no *puts hands over yours

CG: like this, now you got it?

N: *laughs nervously* um yeah I think so

p: Sh-She left me for that scumbag Ron Weasley!!

*Bursts into tears once more*

C: Please don't cry *percy suddenly hugs u and puts his head on ur shoulder,

soaking it with tears*

*nico glares at percy*

N: Ohh haha thanks

*giggles a little

CG: No problem


*stare into each others eyes

*Nico pushes percys head away and gently tugs your arm*

NDA: Can we go now?? Percy can get over it with 

a therapist..?

*his eyes arent faltering and he stares at you for clarification


*my face heats up and I gulp*

*fireworks explode

CG: and  that's what fireworks are.


*go watch the sky

N: wow that's amazing, what are they called

CG: stars my friend stars

*slashes hand across the sky.

*The ground begins shaking, in the distance there are a bunch

of animals running


*CG and you pack up stuff and run away with torch in his hands

C: hm i guess..?

NDA: GREAT! *he yanked you with him into a portal with Percy

at your heels* actually is acting happy?-C thought

NDA: Heres my house.

*Motions around him before dragging you upstairs"

and here's my room.

C: wow.

NDA: wanna become a demigod?

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