And then...?

This is a jumble of all our little thought compressed into one ginormous story. We both do not fully know about characters and people so yes the story may be off a little with information. But hey this is our story so we control it. Well enter in our jumbled world by reading the story. Enjoy



Celine                                                                                                                  Nina

You watched as Raven squealed and hugged her sister.  That's weird.

How could she not know who her mother was?  Unless she was...dead?

This brought you back to your senses.

"Which cabin will I be staying at, Nico?" you asked him and he scratched

the back of his neck, having troubling thinking.

"Yeah, who's your par–" Annabeth started again but Nico started coughing

really loud to interrupt her.

N: Aw geez, I think I have a piece of chicken stuck in my throat

You got the message and played along.

C: Oh right!! I think there's some juice in the kitchen that will

help.  Come on.  It was nice meeting you Annabeth and Raven!

They waved, Annabeth had a puzzled look on her face.  I hope she's

convinced.  You 'helped' Nico back into the kitchen before shutting

the door and watching out the window to see if the two sisters left

yet.  Raven was still there but she narrowed her eyes in suspicion.

C: Thanks for saving my butt

N: As a thanks for you as well

C: So where do I sleep?

N: Sleep with me in my cabin.

C: Okay

Trying to sound nonchalant

*Raven POV*

R: Is it me, or are those two very suspicious people.

A: They're probably kissing each other, that's why they wanted

to leave so quickly.

R: Ohh...... That's umm awkward.

A: Yeah, but I'm so excited!! We could move your stuff into my cabin

and I'll show you everything!

R: Okay but seems like they're hiding something, we never found

out who's Celine's parent.

A: Ehh whatever, we'll find out soon.  Nico is always hiding something,

don't worry.

R: Okay.

You two made your way into the Hermes cabin, there Jack and Finn said

goodbye to you.

J: It was fun having you as a roommate

F: Yup, we were hoping you were a Hermes kid.

Jack of all trades

Hahaha ohh the irony.

R: Well thanks guys, I'll see you around then.

You and Annabeth quickly left to your cabin.  Once far enough you whispered:

R: "Are those guys always weird like that?"

A: Sometimes, but don't worry..they're good hearted a bit.

R: A bit?

A: Well they are really good thieves

R: Thanks for the heads up

There you two walked into the cabin greeted by so many people.  You felt out

of place–all of them had grey eyes and blonde hair.

Most of them were teenagers and looked like they could kill me easily.

I gulped.


Celine p.o.v

You tried not to look like you were having a heart attack when Nico

said that. 'Sleep with me in my cabin' the words kept echoing in your

head and you tried not to freak out.  You looked up and realized that

Nico had been staring at you while you were in deep thought.  He

immediately started blushing and looked away.  This kid was either

a) shy and madly in love with you or b) burning up in that thick

hoodie out in this weather.

"So are you gonna show me around or are we just gonna crash at

your place for now?" you tried to keep the conversation light and friendly.


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