And then...?

This is a jumble of all our little thought compressed into one ginormous story. We both do not fully know about characters and people so yes the story may be off a little with information. But hey this is our story so we control it. Well enter in our jumbled world by reading the story. Enjoy



Celine                                                                                                                  Nina

C: They have a 2nd bed in the cabin right?

N: Probably

C: Okay

We walked our way towards the cabin, weaving into the huge

cabin, weaving into the huge crowd of demigods. This place

was quite dark. The walls were painted black, it was covered

in skulls and bones, and there seemed to be torches lighting

on the wall. The place sorta reminded me of the underworld.

When I walked in, Nico showed me the entire place. It was

pretty cool except there was only one bed.


*Nico pov*

Dang they took Bianca's stuff out!!


Raven POV

Everyone was staring so coldly.

A: Well welcome.  This place is yours.

It was very neat except their desks were very messy.  They were

filled with blueprints and maps. Measuring tools an calculators

lie everywhere.

A: We have an extra bed left so here you go.

*As she patted on one of them

A: This trunk in front of it is to put your stuff in it.

R: Is this some sort of mistake?

A: No, why?

R: I stick out like a black man at all white mixer.

A: Don't worry, we are not that judgmental. If we were, we would

be kids of Hera. *as she laughed it off.

A: Word of advice: Don't trust Hera.  She's a mean, cruel, vicious

woman.  Personal experience.  The sky just randomly thundered

after Annabeth spoke.

R: Well I'm tired so I'm going to bed.  Good night Annabeth

"Lights out!" someone shouted and everything was dark except

for the moonlight coming through the window.  I didn't want to 

be the first one to fall asleep because I didn't trust these people

completely yet.


Celine POV

You cleared your throat uncomfortably. "Um Nico? I thought you

said there were two beds?" he shifted on his feet and clapped his

hands.  "Well, since Bianca was so KIND and took her stuff out

even though she knew we were coming, I guess we'll just have to

share the bed unless you'll feel uncomfortable doing that?"

"Um well uh.." you began stuttering.

"Oh never mind that's too awkward." his face was starting to turn

red again. "I'll sleep on the floor and you can sleep on the bed."

*no the camp removed the bed cause Bianca's is dead as fuck*


Hahaha xD that's adorable

OMG WTF...Lol I guess we'll just have to change that then Xd who's Bianca

again? And who's Thalia 

Thalia is daughter of Zeus and Bianca is Nico's dead sister

He had a sister?!?

Yah and he has another one named hazel but she's part of the

roman camp

"Come on!" you exclaimed.

You felt bad that you would get the bed after everything you both

went through together. "That's not fair. This is your house plus 

you're making me feel bad." Nico didn't hesitate as he lugged his

stuff onto the bedside table before plopping down on the bed.

"Well if you say so." he replied, smirking at the ceiling with his

hands clasped behind his head. "One of us can go under the covers

while the other goes on top of the covers." you shook your head.

You hated it when people hogged blankets so might as well just

ask for some place to sleep.  But you were so exhausted that bed

looked so comfortable..

"Here, you can have the blanket if you want–it's too hot for me."

'You're too hot for a blanket!' you thought and smirked.

"Alright, thanks Nico." you said–worn out.  He nodded to you

smiling and closed his eyes.  The torches went out and you lay

down on the bed, wrapping the blankets around you.  The moonlight 

was the last thing you saw before falling asleep.

:3 awhh

You had a dream and it was awful.  It had this nymph named

Juniper with long green hair command orders to kill this one

girl and guy.  The girl Juniper just seemed so much older and

mature than the Juniper now.  You winced in pain as you saw 

the girl and guy being teared to shreds.  When you woke up,

you were panting so hard and covered in sweat.  You drank some

water from a bottle set aside your bed. No one was in bed yet. And

it was past midnight.  You quietly tiptoed out of the room.  To see

that Annabeth and her cabin mates were whispering to one another.

You try to listen in on the conversations but you only picked out 

some words like 

Be, nice, and Raven.

You felt your heart grow in warmth.  You haven't met anyone who

cared so much about you the way Annabeth did.  It surprised you

that she would do all this to someone she just met.  You tiptoed

your way back into bed before they came back. It left a big smile on

your face as you slept.  You slept peacefully as there was no horrible 

dream to scare you.

some days or so later... *real life time* due to the fact that we were extremely busy...


The sound of horns were blasting into your ears. Everyone was

hurrying around, trembling over their own feet trying to change

clothes. Well at least the guys were. The girls had the decency to

go change and come out of the bathroom. There weren't many

girls in the Athena cabin, about 4 or 5 so not too long. You gathered

your tiny belongings of a CHB t shirt and a pair of jeans. When you

looked into the mirror, you hardly recognized yourself. No wonder

why Jack and Finn were asking who you were. The Hephaestus cabin

did a really good job repairing your shoes, as though they were brand

new. But repairing shoes was nothing you though as you recalled the

tour with Grover about how they made a bronze dragon. You silently

gave them a little prayer as you hurried out the doorway, getting ready

for the chariot racing.

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