And then...?

This is a jumble of all our little thought compressed into one ginormous story. We both do not fully know about characters and people so yes the story may be off a little with information. But hey this is our story so we control it. Well enter in our jumbled world by reading the story. Enjoy


6. Colliding Fates

Celine                                                                                                                  Nina

"Who are you?" Questioned Finn and Jack. Twin telepathy you thought.
"I'm Raven?"
"You're raven?" They questioned.
"Yah?" This is some kind of joke, you thought. 
"Ohh umm erm...... Wanna take a nap?" Jack gestured.
"You guys are acting weird, that's what I came here for?" 
You slowly lie yourself in the bed, savoring the feeling of being on a

bed. You quickly pass out once your head hit that pillow.
*couple hours later* 
That was the comfiest nap you ever took. Finally, you felt safe again

after all these years. The cabin was lonely, yet outside was rumbling

with noise. All those days running in terror, was this another trap?

You finally left the cabin, only to be stopped by this goat boy. He looked

human from the waist up but below he had shockingly *sarcasm* goat legs.

Even sticking out of his curly hair were little horns. 
"Hi, I'm Grover. Lord of the Wild, may I show you around camp?" 
"Yah, I'd like to see it!!" You squealed excitedly. First place you went were

the Strawberry Fields. It looked as though the elf ladies were taking care of it.

One of them ran up to Grover. Her skin tinted green with Green hair. 
"Hello my name is Juniper! I'm a nymph." 
The names Juniper and nymph rung in the back of your head.

You watched as the door slowly closed behind the two, leaving an

awkward silence behind.  Nico coughed, throwing you out of your


"Um, would you mind moving your foot?" you looked down, it was

tangled in the sheets along with Nico who was uncomfortably 

close–maybe one or two inches.

"Oh! Yeah!" you accidentally stretched the word 'yeah' making the

whole situation even weirder.  As you both struggled and wriggled

around, the sheets seemed to get tighter and tighter, pulling you both

closer and closer.  OH SHIT.  You could feel his breath on your neck

now and Nico groaned.

"I should've called them to help us before they left!" the closeness was

getting uncomfortable and Nico could sense your nervousness when he

accidentally moved, causing his face to make contact with the side of

yours.  WTF?  You tried to turn your head but ended up bumping noses

and making Nico blush furiously.  His face was as red as those flames in

the fire now. "Sorry!" you squeaked and Nico started screaming.

Ahh that's adorable


R: Have I met you before?

J: No, I don't think so..why?

R: You look vaguely familiar.

J: Well you don't, you're very pretty.  How old are you?

R: I'm 10

G+J: You're 10?!?!?

R: Yah why is everyone shocked by my appearance and such?

G: Nothing nothing, you just look umm...erm..older.

Not a very good liar cause he kept stuttering.  But just flow with it.

G: Let's get a move on.

You walked around until you heard some sirens.

G: Time for dinner! *he bahhhed

You went down to the pavilion to see so much food.  It was a feast

in there. Food of assortments varied.  Your stomach trembled since

you haven't had a meal like this in years.  You made your way to the

Hermes table as Jack and Finn stopped you.

J: Sit by me please.

F: No, sit by me.

R: How about in-between?

J+F: Yay!

R: How does eating here work?

J: Well, you first offer part of your food into the fire as an offering

to a God.

F: And whatever you wish to drink just appears in your chalice.

R: Thank you, how old are you guys again?

J+F: 13

You thought it was a bit weird how they were so kind.  A bit kind

for your liking.

Ooh is it gonna transition to like when I'm older or am I gonna stay

10 the whole time XD

You'll see


I said hey-ya-ya-ya-ya I said hey what's going on?

"What?! What's happening?!?" You began to freak out but later found

out that Nico was summoning the dead.  His creams seemed to help in

speeding to help in speeding up the summoning process and three dead

people came out of the ground.

"Get us out!" Nico commanded and the dead picked you both up and ripped

the sheet apart.  Well then.  If he didn't want to be so close then he didn't have

to start screaming about it.  Obviously you were a bit offended.

"Come on, we're gonna be late for the feast!" Nico exclaimed once he was out

of the torn sheets as well as you.  He grabbed you and twisted himself around

so that he was giving you a piggy-back ride.

"NICO!!" you screamed in surprise as he ran straight for the shadows.  He seemed

to be giving you a bunch of piggy back rides and picking you up lately.  You emerged

on the other side of the shadows in the woods, before a entrance labeled: CAMP HALF


That little turd picking me up......


Dinner was over finally.  It was quite awkward as you stay

in-between them.  They seemed to be staring at you oddly.

As though they were trying to figure something out.  You

sat at a bonfire along with some other cabins like the Aphrodite,

Athena, and Apollo kids.  The Aphrodite kids kept snickering at

you–hearing their little whispers.

"Ohh look a new demigod."

"She ain't even that pretty."

"She's probably a Hephaestus kid."

You didn't see the problem with being a Hephaestus kid cause

building and inventing was pretty fun.  The Apollo kids were singing

and citing poetry.  It was as though they all talked as poets.  A girl

from the Athena cabin approached you, looked about 16-17.  She had

long blonde wavy hair and thunderstorm grey eyes.

"Hey new camper." she greeted.

R: "Hello"

"My name is Annabeth nice to meet you"

"I'm Raven, Raven Black

A: "what do you think of camp?"

R: Comfiest place I've ever been in my life.

A: Home not too swell?

R: Nope, my dad gone insane and I got no mom.

A: Ohh I see.

R: Yah, is your family crazy?

A: My mum is especi–

Suddenly a guy and girl popped up right in front of you.  They both

seemed to be wearing a lot of black.  They looked like silhouettes in

the fires present.  Some reason the girl was piggy backing on the

guy's back.

You looked up and came face to face with two girls.  The blonde one said

something to the girl with dark hair and she got a look of confusion on her

face.  Nico slowly let you down.

"Um..what's Camp Half Blood supposed to mean?" you asked.

The name sounded kinda weird but intriguing at the same time. "Oh and this

is for not warning me earlier." you punched his arm lightly and he made an

exaggerated hurt look before rubbing his arm.

"Basically a camp for kids with one god or goddess as a parent.  Hence the name

Demi-gods." you nodded in undertand but was quickly distracted when the

smell of pork wafted to your nose.  Your stomach grumbled and Nico smirked

at you before putting his hand on the small of your back and steering you

towards where the rest of the Demi-gods were scattered.

You noticed that Annabeth was smiling at their direction as they left.

R: What just happened?

A: That was my friend Nico, he's the son of Hades and is able to shadow

travel from place to place.

R: Ohh that's awesome! I wish I could do that.

A: You could only if you were a daughter of Hades.

R: Dang it, who was that girl he was with?

A: That, I have no idea. Let's go check it out.

R: You mean like espionage?

A: Yes.

R: Isn't that a bit wrong.

A: Hey, you said it yourself, "Who was that girl he was with?"

Curses, you thought in your mind. My own words used against me. This

Annabeth chick would make a good lawyer. But I do want to know was badly

as she does.

R: Fine you win, but why do you want to know so much.

A: As a daughter of Athena, I'm very curious. Plus Nico is a dear friend of 

mine, I just want to know he's safe.

R: Okay, let's go.

You both hurriedly ran to the dining pavilion.  It took like a minute to run along

with Annabeth.

A: Wow, you're a fast runner for your age!

R: Thanks..? Running is what I do most of my life.

A: I understand you. I ran away when I was about 7.

As the pavilion became closer, you both began to slow down.  There you tiptoed

in, and summer saulted your way into the kitchen.  There you and Annabeth

watched from the window Nico and this one girl.

"Mmm!!! Histh isth dehlicious!!" you said with your mouth full of

juicy flavorous chicken leg.  Nico laughed and shook your shoulders

in a playful manner while the taste of the food overwhelmed you.

"Here, try this!!" he laughed and tossed you a bottle he found on the

counter.  You gulped it down without a second though and a sweet

flavor exploded in your mouth.  Everything tasted so DAMN GOOD.

Nico rummaged through the fridge and the chilly night air came in

through an open window.  Wait..was that open before?  Something

caught your eye and you saw a girl with blonde hair outside watching.

The same one that you saw mere minutes earlier...but where was the

dark haired one?

"So how far you liking this place, Celine?" Nico asked you, grinning–he

was really enjoying your happiness as if you were the source of his.  You

smiled at the thought.

"I WUV IT!!" you exclaimed and spun around in a circle with your arms out.

Your speech was clamped because of the soft bread you had stuffed into

your mouth.

"Whoa, you're face is really red Nico!" you smiled and pointed at him.

*Annabeth's POV*

Dang this girl could eat as much as Percy. Or like any sayter you ever

saw. I guess she hasn't eaten in a while. And oh my gosh?!? He was

grinning?!?!? *gasped for air* HIs cheeks were rosy red and he was

smiling. I tried looking at both of his hand but they were back in his 

jacket's pocket. Darn you. I notice that this girl catches a glimpse of

me yet doesn't react.  She just goes back to eating. Nico begins eating

along with her. I really hope they made an offering before they began.

*Raven POV*

You see a girl catch a glimpse of Annabeth. Yet she looks like she was

looking for something else. Annabeth is also looking for something else

yet she can't find. 

You whisper: Hey Annabeth, what are you looking for?

A: Just a ring


You screamed out way too loud. Annabeth put her hand over your mouth

and whispered: You want them to hear us?

The two of them were laughing and giggling together. Suddenly it turned

all silence. Suddenly they reappeared in front of your eyes.

N: Yeah we could hear you both perfectly fine. 

as he smirked.

You held onto Nico's arm even after you shadow traveled before the two

girls.  "Hahaha! Yup." you said, popping the 'p'.  The blonde turned to you,

with her bright grey eyes. "Hi, I'm Annabeth! I'm going to assume that you

guys are friends?" you looked over at Nico, just dying to raise your eyebrows

at him.  You wanted to be more than friends with him but if he only saw you

as one then you didn't want to ruin the thing you had going here.  Thank

goodness someone spoke up before Nico would explode from all the

blushing.  The girl with the dark hair appeared in front of you with her big

grey eyes.  "OoOoh!" she sang and wiggled her eyebrows. "I betcha they

wanna be more than friends," she whispered to Annabeth but said it loud

enough to for only you to hear.  Nico was blushing like mad and his hair

kept falling in his face in a way that made you want to reach out and brush

it out of the way. "I'm Celine." you replied politely and looked over at the girl

who could sense your feelings for the hot taco next to you.  "And you are?"




You could tell these two had it in for each other.  Why not tell them?

And make it funny at the same time.  You purposely wriggle your

eyebrows at the two of them and say a bit loud "Ohh" then purposely

scream into Annabeth's ear what she was thinking as well.  The girl

politely introduced herself as Celine.

A: Ohh like one of the daughters of Atlas?

C: Yes, but I'm not a daughter of Atlas, trust me.

A: I trust the judgement of Nico.

*as she patted the head of his and messed up his hair.

A: So..who's your godly pare–

C: So who are you? *she asked me

R: Raven Black

C: Woah, that's an awesome name!  Very intriguing.

Suddenly, a flaming owl appeared on Raven's head.  Along with an

olive branch tree.

A: Yay!!!!!

WTF is going on as you tried shooing away the owl.

R: What's going on?!?

You panicked

A: Welcome to the Athena cabin, sister.

R: Does that me-me....

A: Yup! Your mum is THE Athena.

You ran up to Annabeth and squeezed her tightly. I've never had a sister

before and now I know who my mum is!! This was the happiest moment

in your life.

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