And then...?

This is a jumble of all our little thought compressed into one ginormous story. We both do not fully know about characters and people so yes the story may be off a little with information. But hey this is our story so we control it. Well enter in our jumbled world by reading the story. Enjoy


4. 1/4

Celine                                                                                                                  Nina


Oh my god I'm FANGIRLING in real life like WTF I'm smiling like an idiot XD

"That would be our queue to leave!" he breathes and pulls you toward one 

side of the restaurant, where the shadows are big. 

"Wait!!" you quickly let out.

"what?!" he half yells, half freaks out.

"We probably left fingerprints everywhere, not to mention the dozens

of drachmas you left on the counter there!"

"Oh! Right!" he replies and touches your neck.

"AHH!" you scream and fall backwards, a defense mechanism

of yours when someone makes contact with your neck.

Immediately, everything catches on fire.

"Now we don't have to worry about them tracking us down!" he

announces cheerfully.

"Nico!! The fat cashier guy is still back there!" you suddenly remember.

"SHIT!" he screams and dives behind the counter.  Seconds later, he

stands up carrying him bridal style, a pained expression on his face.

"He's so..heavy.." he wheezes.

"Just dump him over there." you open the door for him and he 

places the guy head first in a random garbage can sitting by.

AHHH nico hugged me!!


J: Blackbird singing in the dead of night.  Take these broken wings

and learn to fly..... Ahh you have a guitar in the corner, you play?

N: yes yes I do

*as you bob your head up and down

J: well join me, it will be a little duet

*you scramble your way towards your guitar and quickly grab it.

N: I'm not that good

J: nonsense!! Just follow my lead. From the top

N+J: Blackbird singing in the dead of night

Take these broken wings and learn to fly

*you both ramble onto the song.  The singing and laughter continue

on for hours. By the time you had a break its 11

N: hey John, you hungry cause I could whip us something up. Want

some eggs cause that's all I got

J: sure, scrambled please.

He sets up the table, while you cook the eggs. While trying to make the

eggs you accidentally trip and they splatter everywhere.

G: what a fail

Dang you forgot he was there


The police sirens and firetruck wails were louder now and Nico and

you ran back inside of White Castle.  The flames were much 

bigger, engulfing everything.  That was gonna be a problem.

"Nico!! There aren't gonna be shadows if there's a bunch of fire 

everywhere!!!" you yelled to be heard over the crackling of the fire.

"I'm so stupid!" he hit himself in the head with the palm of his hand.

"I agree!" you yelled and ducked when a piece of wood swung from

the ceiling. "Hurry!!" you screamed and tried walking through the

flames to the exit.  Unfortunately, you were not accustomed to

your powers yet so the flames burned you just as well than without

powers.  Quickly, Nico grabbed you and swung you over his

shoulder before running towards the fire like a football player.

I hate when people do that to me!! I feel like imma vomit XD


-_-" you forgot that Guy was there. To your astonishment he looked

better than ever.

G: I see you met my good friend John

J: How are you man?

*pulls him into a hug

N: how do you umm two know each other?

G: ohh well, he's my neighbor at my apartment

J: we got to know each other well and look I know how to make molasses.

G: moccasins

J: right right

N: so Guy, you hungry as well?

G: umm not really still feel a bit ill so imma just drink this tasty stuff you gave me

J: ohh may I have some as well?

N: sure in the fridge

*bing bing bing bing went John's phone. It just kept ringing as John fumbles

to to turn it on

J: bloody hell!!! I hate today's society! I have no way to use this goddamn thing

N: need help there then?

J: yes please

G: what is that by the way?

Omg molasses XD that's hilarious!!!!


"NICO!!!" you screamed.  He didn't say anything, he just let out 

a battle cry before crashing through the flame engulfed doors.

As soon as you got outside, you took in big gulps of air and Nico

put you down. "Next time, warn me!" you exclaimed before stepping

on his foot for revenge. "Gotcha." he replied and tugged you

to the shadows of a nearby apartment building.  Next thing you 

knew, you were back at his mansion in Hell. "Green tea?" he asked

you, one foot in his kitchen. "I honestly don't care, as long as I

get something to drink." you replied a bit cranky.  Your head was

burning and your hands felt cold.  Nico gave you a thumbs

up and headed into the kitchen.

Yay! Them John and Guy not knowing phones.

N: phones are used as communication devices

*you speak out to Guy as though he's a foreigner

J: I think he got it

You explain the basics of a phone to both John and Guy

G: well that clears things up a bit

N: well I'm not a stinking employee at AT&T am I?

J: well I'm a go now if you don't mind, my umm manager says

we got stuff to talk about. Here's my phone number if you ever

want to hang out again. I had fun

N: ohh thank you, thank you. Umm okay bye John

J: Okay bye

He walks out the door, waving goodbye to you and Guy

G: imma go now too as well cause I have to go check on umm my cat

N: Okay bye

After he leaves you realize he doesn't have a cat.

Lolz did John see me as rude XD


You collapsed on the floor of  your back, staring at the high

ceiling.  Pretty soon, you heard Nico's footsteps approaching.

He stopped right next to you, holding two tall glasses of water.

"Here." he placed one of them on a small glass table beside you

and chugged down the other one while falling back on the couch.

You were so tired but got up anyway for the water.  When the water

went into your mouth, you started choking.  It burned and left a

spicy sensation all over.  Nico started freaking out and dropped

his glass which sent shards everywhere.  The burning went

down your throat all the way to your stomach, making you feel

sick.  Nico quickly pulled something out of his pocket and pulled

a cork off of it.  Then he grabbed you and had you chug down 

the sparkly thick blue liquid.  It was hard to swallow but it left

behind a soothing flavor and sensation.  You gasped for air

and your legs went weak. 

Wel finally some time alone, Guy can be a pestering twat sometimes.

You go out for a jog, it's a beautiful day as it always it.  You change 

into a pair of shorts and a blue tshirt.  Run run run you go down the 

dock.  This one little girl about 6 was cheering you on.  You ran until

your legs began aching, the pain was unbearable so you head down

to the beach all ninja.  Like jumping over a dock railing and summer

salt your way onto the sand.  You sit down near the water, it tickling

your toes. The sand surrounding you was quite mushy, felt like pudding.

You're already down at the beach so you decide to scour for some sea glass.

It took awhile to find some because the water kept taking it away. While

discovering some sea glass, a shadow overcomes you.

Nico's lightning fast reflexes saved you and he gently sat you down.

"Dafuq was in the glass.. ?" you asked weakly, jabbing him in the

chest with one finger. "Water! I swear, I would never poison you."

"Then why did it burn so bad?!" you questioned while clutching

at your throat in an exaggerated manner. He stared at you before

jumping up. "I'll be right back.  You..stay here!" he held his hands

as if to steady you. "It's not like I can go anywhere." you muttered

and he disappeared into the shadows. Maybe my goddess self

couldn't handle it? You weren't sure and you definitely didn't want

a drink anymore, no matter how thirsty you were.

"Hello Nina zavala" says a woman in a dark cloak.

N: hello?

"My name is persephone"

N: ohh hello queen Persephone

*you say as you kneel for her

P: nonsense no need for kneeling

N: aren't you supposed to be on earth right now with your mum?

P: I still have time before the summer solstice

N: ahh I see

P: understand not see 

Well someones judgy on grammar

P: any who I have an important question for you

N: how important is it

P: matter of life and death

N: umm I'm already dead?

P: no no its matter of life or death

N: okay so what's your question?

P: would you-

Okay fine, you were DYING of thirst (excuse the pun of course XD).

Although you were tired, you were curious.  So you decided to take

a look around.  By the fireplace, strictly speaking.  Nico did tell you

to stay there.  You walked around the couch only to see that a table

was behind it.  Quickly, you pulled the drawer open only to find a

black shiny key.  Huh..well that's interesting...I guess.  You looked

up, your eyes searching for a locket or box of some kind that could

possibly be linked to this key.  Now where would I hide a box?  You

dropped to your knees and looked under the couch.  Only dust and a

couple of drachmas.  Your ears pricked up.

P: Would you like to be reborn into life?

The question hit you hard like an anvil to the head

N: yes but what's the catch?

P: well you wouldn't look exactly the same.  You would just

start off life as a baby.

N: Does that mean I could be a total blonde named Lesley? Wait

would I still be a girl?

Persephone chuckled

P: That's your choice my dear, you could be reborn as anything.

But you would have no vague memory of your past life.

N: so I wouldn't remember who Guy is?

P: I'm afraid not

N: will I at least see him?

P: I don't know its the 3 fates decision not mine.

N: May I have some time to think?

P: Sure but you have until the summer solstice.

4 days from now

You heard a low continuous sound coming from somewhere close. 

Startled, you dropped the key and stood up.  The sound went away.

Oh well.  You went back to studying the key and picked it up.  The

sound started again.  This time you raced towards the sound and

found yourself in front of the fireplace.  It was coming from within 

the fire.  Maybe this time–just maybe–you could control the fire just

enough so that you could reach in.  You mustered enough courage 

to slowly reach towards the flames.  They began to part and beads

of sweat formed on your head.  Almost there.  Finally, the flames parted

just enough that you could see a dark box sitting in the middle of the  fireplace.

You ponder these 4 days, leave or stay. Is it worth leaving

Guy? Jogging seems to help, always running around town.

You haven't seen Guy lately because you're afraid to cry and

break down.  Chances are it won't happen though.  The solstice

is about to happen in a matter of hours.  Might as well say your

goodbye or something.  You took a taxi to Guy's place, the 

weights on our shoulders become heavier with every step of

the stairs.  You take a deep breath as you lightly knock on the


G: hey Nina

N: may I come in, I have something serious to ask you

G: sure come on in

You sit down on his couch and pat the seat next to him.

G: so what's up

The sky for sure you thought but this wasn't a time for jokes.

As your fingertips brushed the surface of the box, you heard someone's

footsteps. "NICO! I'M HOME!" SHIT. HADES. You must've stopped

concentrating because the flames closed in on your hand, burning you.

Immediately, you let out a shout of pain and without

thinking–you tossed the key into the fire. "Who goes there?!" Hades

demanded.  You frantically searched around the room for a place

to hide.  The large curtains by the windows were too far away–he

was closing in fast.  The space underneath the couch looked like

a tight squeeze.  Desperate calls for desperate measures!  You

wriggled underneath just as the God of the Dead entered the room.

N: okay so Persephone offered me something

G: like what?

N: umm a chance to be reborn again

G: woah!! That's great new what you waiting for?

N: umm that means leaving you

G: ohh...

You both sit in utter silence as the time passes by.

G: well what's holding you back?

N: its you! You dummy

G: well go, it's a great opportunity. I mean don't let the past

change it. I'm sure we'll meet again

N: nope, I have no memories of you–Persephone said

G: well then, you've made this choice before and you know

what's best

N: best doesn't mean happy

G: well you've taken the risk before, just go

N: okay, I'll see you again?

G: yes I promise.

This was false hope, but it is a great deal.  It's not like it's your

first time you made this choice.

N: Well okay Guy,  I guess I'll see you later?

You both stand up and say goodbye to one another.  His arms

wrapped around you–it was just so warm, as though you didn't

want to let go.   Quickly you stared into his big brown eyes before

he planted his lips on your cheek. 

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