And So It Begins

Isabella and her step-sister/best-friend Lauren meet a couple mysterious boys who bring the finishing touch to their far from perfect lives. From Isabella's proper Mother and stupid high school recreations they are sure to have a blast


1. The Beginning

On the last week of my sophmore year, I decided I wanted to do something different. Isabella Jameson was not someone to be messed with.  My best friend and step-sister Lauren Paige was on her way to pick me up for the fifteenth annual Cattilion fundraiser that my mother was running. Lauren just got her license and was excited to be driving her new sports car, red with black decals. When she pulled up I wasn't surprised to see her in a moderately short blush pink dress with a swirly sequined design in the corner. I was wearing the same dress but was a bluish green with black swirls. I customized mine with black converse and a couple of black bracelets. My make up was done but only a little bit of eyeshadow. Lauren on the other hand was wearing silver heels and had a light touch of silver and pink on her eyes. She looked incredible.
"Why you gotta wear converse? You know it just makes mom frustrated!"
"Why do you think I did it?" I say with a smirk.
"Oh just get in, you know this is the one day mom actually cares about us!"
"Only because its for her.." I reply softly. The rest of the ride we listened to the radio Pony blasting,
"Have you heard this song before?" I hadn't, but there was something familiar about it. 
"Yeah.. What's it from?" And as if he were responding, a man on the radio replyed and plainly stated,
"That was Pony known famously for being a top hit in the movie, Magic Mike."
"Well there you go" Lauren said in a matter of fact tone. We finally showed up to the quiet hotel where the Fundraiser would take place. "Are you ready to be pimped out to young men?" She said with a laugh.
"Its not 'pimping', you just dance with the people who pay money."
"So pimping?" Her sense of humor made me smile. The plan was to sit at a table and wait for someone to make a donation to dance with a girl sitting at the table. Me and Lauren were planning on sharing a table. We walk in and the room was practically empty. Expected when you're three hours early. Our table had a clean white table cloth. Two boring hours later people were filing in mostly in pairs or trios if they had kids. But just as the doors were closing, 2 stragglers asked the waiter to hold the door. In walked a cute light skinned blonde with ruffled hair, almost instantly I felt dazed. Behind him a spiky haired brunette walked in smiling. He seemed to be a player, but i could see through his playful smile. I looked at Lauren and noticed she was staring at the blondie. They were both tall and handsome but the one with brown hair and dimples caught my eye. I ruffled my long reddish brown hair and sat at my table. Through my peripheral vision I could see the five of them walk to the punch table but eyeing Lauren and myself. I felt myself blush and quickly snapped away. Lauren giggled at me and I gave her a signal to keep calm, which just made her laugh harder. Lauren was like that. Two young boys and their mother came up twenty dollars each and asked the two of us to dance. Me and Lauren exchanged glances
"Oh geez.." she whispered under her breath. I looked at her sympathetically as the taller one took my hand. Lauren hated being short, but at least that meant I usually got the cuter guys. I smiled shyly as he guided me to the large floor.
"Nice shoes" he said a little too smugly.
"I prefer to be comfortable, thanks." I know I could have said it more kindly but as we continued to dance he was getting more and more on my nerves. Lauren was facing me and was making gagging motions. I giggled and my partner made a face at me.
"Oh! The songs over, sorry boys!" Lauren gloats as she drags me from my partner back to the table. 
"How much longer?" Lauren complained, holding the 'er' seven syllables past her point. 
"It's only 7." I rolled my eyes and started fiddling with my hair. 
We had danced with countless boys. Mostly nerds who had their moms loan them $20 to dance with girls way out of their league. Finally it became 10 o'clock so Lauren and I could shut down the table. Two shadows walked up and stood in front of the table. 
"Sorry the shop is closed." Lauren said in a monotone voice, without looking up. 
"We know, but we were wondering if you were interested in working overtime?" It was the brunette and his blonde friend. Lauren perked up her head and saw it wasn't a couple of creeps. 
"How much are you donating?" Of course, Lauren wanted to know. 
"We just thought you girls might want a break." I never spoke, that was Lauren's area of expertise. The brunette held out his hand. I took it shyly. I came around the table and he led me to the dance floor. I looked down, partially because I was nervous dancing with an actual guy, and also because, well I don't get out much. 
"Converse?" I said a little too excitedly. 
"Of course, sorry if should hav- are you wearing converse!?" He had a half smile that could kill.
"Umm yeah, they're one of my favorite pairs." We both laughed. He pulled me closer. Lauren looked at me and made a thumbs up and a cheesy smile. I smiled back and emphasized with my eyebrows that it was going well. "My name's Isabella, by the way."
"Jake, nice to meet you." His breath was warm on my ear. 
"Belle! Hurry help me with this guest!" She sounded so perky I wanted to ask her how to spell.
"I-I have to go.. Goodbye." As I pulled away from him he pulled me closer and kissed my cheek. I stood there blankly before I turned and ran to where my mom was. Lauren was already there. I turned around to see if Jake was still there. They were both gone. I sighed.
"So anyway Mr. Halloway was wondering if you and Laure..." My mother faded away, I couldn't hear her. I excused myself to the restroom and as I passed our table I noticed some scribbles. I snatched the clip-board and hurried to the bathroom.


They left their numbers! I looked up with relief and felt the blood rush to my head. Lauren rushed in and looked at me with a what-do-you-think-you're-doing look. 
"Hello? Anybody home? Mom's out there talking a bunch of nonsense waiting for you!"
"They left their numbers."
"Mom's gonna kill- They what?" 
"Should we call them?"
"Wait three days. That's their rule."
"Whose rule?"
"The whole human race of males!"
"2 days?" I said making my pretty-please face. 
"Fine. But not before then. Now lets go." She dragged me through the maze of tables back out to her car. I hopped in holding that clip-board for dear life.

The next morning I woke up on the floor next to Lauren. She had already put the guys' contacts in our phones, just in case they magically got our numbers and decided to call. I walked down 2 flights of stairs to our in-home theatre. I crashed on the couch and decided on Finding Nemo. After I finished half the movie I decided that texting wasn't calling. 

Hey It's Isabella, from the other night? =) Is this Jake?

Yeah Jake here I was wonderin if u wanted to go see a movie?

Umm sure! When and where?

How about the Halloway Theatre downtown at 8?

Sounds like a plan 

Would you mind telling ur friend to txt Kyle? He's getting worried

Yeah I'll tell her! See you tonight?

Until then ;)

Lauren bounds down the stairs and  lands next to me. 
"What do you think you're doing?" 
"Nothing, and by the way, Kyle wants you to text him. He's worried." I said smirking, one eyebrow raised. 
"Aha! So you called him!" 
"No, I texted! There's a difference?" I asked giving her a cheesy smile. 
"Ugh. Why do I put up with you." She said sarcastically. 
"Because you love me!" I giggled outrageously. 
"Well I'm going to Bernard's Mill. Dinner is whatever you call in, and there's 15 bucks on the counter. I Love you, Ill miss you, but I gotta go." Lauren pecked my cheek and hurried out the door. 
"WAIT, a second. Who are you meeting? You don't just go to dinner by yourself." I knew something was up. 
"Okaaay, so I might have found Kyle on Webgraph last night and he made plans for Dinner.."
"Uhuh. 3 days, righ-" 
"So I'll be gone for a while, will you be cool by yourself?" Lauren practically bragged. 
"Well it turns out, I'm going to the movies." I grinned while I stood up and twirled. 
"Is that right?" She stared at me and licked her lips. 
"AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!" We both screamed jumping up and down whilst holding hands. 
"Good luck Colonel." I said saluting Lauren as she shut the door.  

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