This is me, this is my life

"I am human. I am like anyone else. Why does the world have to be so cruel?"

Lily doesn't understand why the world around her seems to be full of hate. She wishes for help as the days go past. She has no friends, and her parents are so occupied by their work that they don't realize what's happening to their daughter. Her life is crumbling. Until she finds Ash. With the help of Ash, Lily slowly fixes her life. But what's awaiting her when she finishes?


2. A/N

New Chapter coming out Monday afternoon!! I've been writing and now I'm about 5 chapters ahead, and I'm just about ready to upload it. Enjoy the new chapter, it's kinda a bit too much about me, but I guess that's a good thing cause I know how to explain the feelings, but some parts are apart of a little joke we play at school, so don't go overboard :) 

See you tomorrow afternoon! 


Katz xx

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