This is me, this is my life

"I am human. I am like anyone else. Why does the world have to be so cruel?"

Lily doesn't understand why the world around her seems to be full of hate. She wishes for help as the days go past. She has no friends, and her parents are so occupied by their work that they don't realize what's happening to their daughter. Her life is crumbling. Until she finds Ash. With the help of Ash, Lily slowly fixes her life. But what's awaiting her when she finishes?


1. A usual routine

I couldn't take it anymore. I didn't care who saw me. I knelt down in the middle of the busy hallway and rolled up my sleeves before searching through my bag. Of course, they were at the bottom, I had to hide them from everyone. But now I didn't care if anyone saw. Eventually, my hands found the handle, and I pulled the blood stained scissors from my bag. No one noticed me. I pressed the blade to my skin, and I heard a few whispers as students watched intently. No one knew that they were causing this... That is, until now. I slid the blade back and forth against my arm, and that familiar sensation began to appear. I pressed down harder, and my eyes began to sting. I looked up through my hair, and noticed that most of the hallway was watching. My eyes flickered back down to the blade, and knew that now every pair of eyes in that hallway were watching me. Suddenly, the red liquid that occupies my body began to leak from the wound. Immediately, I heard feet shuffling backwards and rushing into classrooms until the entire hallway was empty. The bell rang, as I gathered my bag and rose to my feet before running outside, and sprinting back home.

Finally I arrived home, my hands groping the keys in my hands, my vision blurred by tears. I finally got the key in the slot, before literally kicking the door open and running to my bedroom to dive under my bed. I let my insecurity scream out of me and I didn't care who heard. I must have been screaming for a while, as it was 5:30 when my phone vibrated. Messages filled my lock screen.

"What's wrong with you? Stupid emo"

"Crazy girl, stay away from me"

"Leave this school, we don't accept emos"

I sighed. Haters. They're everywhere.

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