Sometimes, Life Happens.

A quick trip to Wal-Mart turns into something that Emily, Brianna, and Maria would expect. What do they do when they meet One Direction?


6. Wal-Mart

"I need to get some Snapple and some snack foods."  Brianna states.

"While we are getting the Snapple, I can get some coke.  I ran out yesterday."  I reply back to her.

"Yeh, you do need coke.  I can get some water to put in the fridge, but we will need some flavor packets."  I turn to Maria and respond.

"Water would be nice.  I think I only have two left.  But, while we are in here I am going to get another magnet for the fridge."

"Why do you need another magnet?"  I turn to Maria and glare, but she just smirks back at me.  I then turn my head to Liam, but before I can respond, Maria does.

"She has a Harry magnet and I always mess with it and it ends up in the floor.  She then gets mad at me because I killed Harry.  But you do need to get one that I can move around easily.  Those CAB magnets do not work well."  Maria then smiles at me, but I am still glaring at her.  After Maria's tells Liam about my Harry magnent, the boys laugh.

"Stop laughing, it's not funny.  She drops him all the time before it's over he is going to die a painful death. Where would you find magnets in Wal-Mart anyway?"  I turn to the boys and they are trying to hold their laughter in except for Louis he looks like he is about to fall out he is laughing so hard.  "Keep laughing Louis.  I'll just try and find a Louis magnet and let Maria drop you on your head constantly."  He stopped laughing and looked at me shocked.

"Get a Louis magnet.  I promise I will leave the Harry magnet alone if you get me a Louis magnent."

"Let's try to find one, but we might have to wait and go to F.Y.E.  They probably have them, but let's go to the One Direction section.  We need Zayn and Harry cups."

"We need to find a Louis cup for me.  Remember you two stole the last two."  Maria and I both look at her apologetically.  In unison, we reply, "Sorry Brianna."  We take off to the One Direction section, which was kind of weird since One Direction was behind us, but they looked more excited than we did to get there.

We walked down a few aisles and finally arrived at the One Direction section.  "AHHH! They have the Zayn and Harry cups!"  Maria, Brianna and I turn around and look at the guys behind us.  We all had shocked faces because they were for some reason extremely happy that there were Zayn and Harry cups.

"I want one! Look they also have one with my face on it."  Louis then reaches and picks up the one with his face on it.  He then places the cup next to his face and tries to make the same face once again.  We all started to chuckle, but then as quick as lightning Brianna grabbed the cup out of Louis's hand.  His face then showed a sense of despair.  "Why did you take the cup from me?"  Louis looked like he was seriously upset that she took his cup from him, but Maria and I knew not to mess with Brianna so we did not say anything.

"I took your cup because for the past three weeks, we have come to this section of Wal-Mart to try and find all of your faces on these cups so we can complete our collections.  There were only two Louis cups last week and I was the one who did not get one.  This cup is mine.  I laid claim on it before I was taken out by that bike and met you guys.  I understand that you are famous and all, but this is my cup, not yours.  Find your own."  Maria and I were trying to contain our laughter throughout the conversation because the look on Louis's face, but once she was finished we both burst into hysterics.  After Maria and I lost it, the guys, minus Louis, also lost it.

"It's not funny!  Why are you laughing?"  Louis then turned to Harry hoping that he would be on his side, but it was just the opposite.

"Well mate, you have enough money to go and buy hundreds of those cups.  But, you also have about 60 of them at your flat."  Harry replied back with a cheeky grin.

"Thanks mate.  I believe that I will wait until I get back to London and then I will take a picture of all my Louis cups and tweet it to Brianna.  Won't that be fun?"  Brianna then walked up to Louis and slapped his arm and walked away.  The rest of us were trying to hold in our laughter in hopes of not making Brianna mad even more.  After we grabbed our cups, we finished getting all the groceries and left the store; thankfully with no more incidents between Louis and Brianna.    We walked outside and made our way to the car, but it seemed like a sense of dread was overtop of us.  Nobody said anything until we reached the cars, but Niall finally broke the silence.  He looked at me and then began talking.

"So, is that offer for food still up for grabs?  I am about to starve and we won't make fun of all your Harry posters."  I turned to Brianna and Maria and saw that they were smiling just as big as I was; One Direction wanted to hang out with us.  This day had turned out to be more exciting that I had originally thought.


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