Sometimes, Life Happens.

A quick trip to Wal-Mart turns into something that Emily, Brianna, and Maria would expect. What do they do when they meet One Direction?


5. Ride to Wal-Mart.

"Can I put the window down?" I look in my rearview mirror and nod my head at Maria.  I then reached my hand down and turned off the air.

"Since I have my window down can I change the cd?"

"Sure, you are going to have to get the cd's from Harry though. They are in the floorboard at his feet."  I look to Harry and he reached down and grabbes the cds.  He then passes them to Maria.  I can hear her flipping through the case and I see that the light turned green and I press the gas.

"Harry, put this in."  He turned towards Maria and grabbed the cd shaking his head with a smirk on his face.  I wait for the cd to play, but before I could Maria started to laugh.  Brianna then turns to Maria shaking her head and asked, "What did you do?"  I can see in my rearview mirror that both Brianna and Liam are staring at Maria with an inquisitive face.  I turn to Harry and he is just shaking his head.  The music then begins to play and I realize why Harry was shaking his head. It was them; Maria wanted to listen to One Direction. I looked in the mirror once again and see that Liam is smiling.  The first song that plays is One Way or Another and Maria is doing the usual hanging out the window singing to passersby.  I just shake my head.  Brianna and I then say at the same time, "Maria!"

Before I realize it Liam and Harry have both rolled their windows down and are also singing to passersby.  I then roll down my window, but I did not sing to anyone.  I tried to ignore what was going on around me and act like I did not know these people in the car.  I looked in the rearview mirror and saw that Brianna was just singing along, but not acting crazy like Maria, Harry, and Liam were.  We finally arrive at Wal-Mart and I pull into the parking lot.  I find a spot close to the back and groan.  Maria then looks at me and simply states, "It will be good for you."  I roll my eyes and drive to the back and park.

I shut off the car and get out.  As I wait for everyone else to get out, the car that Niall, Louis, and Zayn are in pull up beside me.  Maria and Brianna then walk up to me and we leave everyone else.

I turn to around and see that Liam, Niall, Louis, Harry and Zayn are walking right behind us.  They wave at me and smile, and even though I cannot believe that they are right behind me, I wave back.  We finally walk through the front doors and stop.

"Do we need a basket?"  I turn to Maria and Brianna and ask.

"Just get one, but I don't think we need one."  I nod my head at Maria and grab the first basket praying that the wheels work right and don't squeak.

"What did you just call that?"  I turned around and see the confused looks on their faces.  I look at Louis specifically and reply, "A basket.  What do you call it?"  Before he could answer, I smirk at Maria and she has the same smirk on her face.  Simultaneously, we respond, "I'm in a trolley because it makes no sense."


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