Sometimes, Life Happens.

A quick trip to Wal-Mart turns into something that Emily, Brianna, and Maria would expect. What do they do when they meet One Direction?


3. Interactions

We were all three in shock. One Direction was standing beside us. I know that we looked like complete idiots, but we didn't for long because Liam began to speak.

"Are you alright? I mean some guy just rode by on a bike and knocked you over." Maria and I looked at each other and burst out laughing. We could not hold it in any longer.

"I am fine, thank you for asking me." Brianna then turned to look at us and went on another rant. "You guys are such bitches. How come you did not ask me if I was alright? You guys are my friends. This is bullshit."

I cut her off before she could continue, "Well you just went down. It was so funny. You should have seen your face." I then lost it again. Maria then jumped in the conversation, "It was extremely funny, you have to admit it Brianna." Brianna then looked at our faces and started to laugh hysterically along with us. We kept laughing until we heard other people laughing. We stopped immediately and then turned towards the laughter. We were still in shock that One Direction was behind us, but Brianna began to talk.

"Yes I am ok. Thank you for asking." Liam smiled at her, and then began to introduce everyone.

"I am Liam and this is.."

"I am Louis Tomlinson." We all turned to look at the boy with the striped shirt and the red pants. He was literally beaming and looked as if he was about to laugh. "No offense, but that was extremely funny." He then started to laugh, but then Brianna crossed her arms and gave him a glare and he immediately stopped laughing.

"I am Harry Styles." He was about to say something else, but Maria interjected.

"Oh, Emily knows who you are." I glared at her, but Harry began to chuckle. I turned to look at Harry and he was just smiling, showing off his dimples. I blushed, while Maria chuckled at me.

"I am Niall Horan and I am really hungry so if you guys have any food that would be just great." Everyone chuckled at him, but I understood I was hungry myself.

"We are about to go to Wal-Mart if you want to go with us, but I do have food in my room if you cannot wait." Before Niall could respond, Zayn then spoke up.

"Guys I think they know who we are." They all turned to look at Zayn. "If you have not realized their necklaces, they say directioner on them, but either way I am Zayn." The guys then turned to look at all of our necklaces; a look of recognition passed over their faces and they looked a little embarrassed. Maria then spoke up.

"You can still introduce yourselves. We will pretend we don't know who you are." I then spoke up.

"If that is the case and Niall still wants food, I need to go take down some of my posters first." They all turned to look at me.

"Well I do. If we are pretending, I have to take down the posters."

"Yeh, your Harry posters." I blush at Maria's comment and realized that everyone was looking at me. I looked down at my feet hoping that the conversation would turn away from me. It finally did and I felt eyes still on me. I looked up and realized that Harry was looking at me smiling.
"Well since we have that settled, I am Brianna and the blushing girl is Emily and the Mexican is Maria." Liam looks at Brianna and starts to speak. "It is a pleasure to meet you guys." Maria and I shared a look and started to smile at Brianna. It got really awkward because nobody said anything, but then Niall fixed the awkwardness by his stomach growling. We all looked at Niall and laughed.

"Just for you Niall we will go to Wal-Mart." He turned to look at me and smiled.

"So it’s settled. We will follow you to Wal-Mart, if that's ok." The whole time Liam was talking, he was looking at Brianna. I smiled and politely agreed.

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