Sometimes, Life Happens.

A quick trip to Wal-Mart turns into something that Emily, Brianna, and Maria would expect. What do they do when they meet One Direction?


2. Getting Brianna.

After finally being let into our room, Maria and I flopped on the beds and pulled out our computers.

"Do you feel like anything is missing?"  I look towards Maria hoping that she would have an answer.  Her face was puzzled for a bit.

"Not really, but damn Emily, why does your room have to be so hot?"  I roll my eyes at her.

"My room? Technically we both live here so you must share an equal responsibility of the ownership of the heat.  So in reality my side of the room is extremely hot due to the fact that my Harry and my One Direction posters are on the wall.  I really have no idea why your side of the room is hot."  A shocked look came upon her face and I just grinned.  I totally neglected to take into account that her side of the room was covered with Louis.  I could see that her brain was coming up with an ingenius comment.

"I cannot believe you left out Louis! My side of the room is hot because of Louis Tomlinson and all the hipthrusts that I have in the pictures that I made.  I really do not want to talk to you right now.  I cannot believe that you said that!"  She then pulled up a video on YouTube.  I figured it was the Louis Tomlinson Pretty Girl Rock and I was correct.  All of a sudden there was a knock on the door.  Maria and I both looked at each other with confused looks.  Who would be coming to our room?  We were leaving in an hour; everyone should know that.  I hopped off of the bed and flung the door open.  I turned quickly around and looked at Maria.

"I figured out what was missing.  It was Brianna.  How did we forget to tell Brianna we were in our room?"  Maria looked shocked at my outburst, but then she preceeded to fall over on the bed and hysterically laughs.

"Why the fuck are you laughing like a heyena?  What the fuck is wrong with you?"  I looked at Brianna, "She must have had a Monster."

"She probably did." Brianna then walked past me and went to Maria's desk and sat down.  She then placed her book bag on the ground and it made me realize that I still needed to get a list together for the items that I need from Wal-Mart.

"Maria! Get up we need to make a list of necessary items that we need! Since I skipped class we can go on ahead and go."  She hopped off of the bed and started to pack.  Within in thirty minutes we had our list done and were ready to go.  I checked the room one last time and we then walked out to my car.  As we were walking down the hill to the parking lot, this random guy came speeding past us on a bicylce and took Brianna out.  Maria and I both dropped our bags to see if Brianna was alright.

"Brianna are you okay?"  Maria and I both looked at each other because we said that simultaneously; we then started laughing.

"You guys are bitches.  Some guy comes and takes me out with a bicycle and all you guys can do is look at each other and laugh! What the fuck?!?!?  You know what I am going to grab my stuff and walk to the car.  I will see you when you both get to the car."  Maria and I are laughing at her outburst, but then we hear a voice behind us.

"Excuse me, are you okay?"  Brianna stopped in her tracks and turned around.  Her face showed an expression of shock.  Maria and I both turned around and our jaws dropped.  Behind us stood One Direction.

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