At your at least 3rd Justin Bieber concert , You finally get good seats and tickets to his meet and greet. Once you meet him he instantly feels sparks. But your not sure if you want to go down this road after you have heard about all the heart breaks and drama with Biebs. What will you do ?


1. The day.

  Your alarm goes off at 9:00 which was the time you set it at last night before you went to bed. You rolled over and moaned. But, once you realized what today was you suddenly jumped out of bed , brushed your teeth and combed your hair and ran down stairs to meet your mom in the kitchen making breakfast and your little sister sitting on the coach watching t.v.

You: hey mom !!

mom: hey *y/n* you excited for today?!?

you: no not really ...

your mom throws you and confused and shocked face. You laugh .

You: just kidding !! its JUSTIN FREAKIN DREW FREAKIN BIEBER!! He is only just my one and only love and idol... why wouldn't I be excited...

mom: geez.. it was just a question..

you both laughed. But you stop when your phone vibrates in our pocket its from your best friend Heather and it says

Heather<3 : I'll be over in 5

You: kkay gurl see ya then ;)

you rush upstairs and throw on your jeans and a t-shirt and when you get back down Heather was in the kitchen with your mom eating breakfast.

You: geez . 5 minutes? more like 5seconds...

Heather laughed

Heather: sorry im just sooo excited I couldn't wait this is my first Justin Bieber concert !!!

you laugh at her. she pushes you.

mom: so when you guys gonna head ouy?

you: in a few minutes

you and Heather have to go pick out the perfect oufit to meet Justin in since you finally get the tickets to go to the meet and great. A few minutes later you and Heather rushed out the door and jumped into your new car you just got for your 17th birthday a few months ago and drove off to downtown Winter Garden to go to your fave store Katelyn's (real amazing store) Once you get inside you immediately spot the shirt you think will be perfect, its a flowy purple crop top and has a white heart on it. Heather finds a Sparkly purple tank top and a leather jacket. You make your purchases look at each other giggle and run out the store and speed off back home. You curl light brown hair and Heather straightens her long blonde hair. You both throw on your new outfits and put on your matching purple supras your dad got for you on your birthday. You look at your phone and the time shows 5:00 you grab heather by the arm grab your keys pass your mom and give her a kiss on the cheek and rush out the door.

You: ahhh !! im sooo excited !!

you and Heather start to tear a little bit.

Heather: thank you so much *y/n* I cant believe you are actually taking me to a Justin Bieber concert!!

You: No problem .

You finally arrive at the arena which Jstin is preforming in and you and Heather get out of the car and do your little happy dance you guys made up when you were 12.

You: we better get in line or we will never get to meet the God Of Music.

Heather : your right lets goooooooo!!

you and Heather rush over to the line of crying and screaming girls and you join them and scream and cry too. Once the screaming gets louder you assume Justin is now here so you scream louder too.

once its your turn to meet the Biebs , You and Justin lock eyes and he winks at you and you blush and look at the ground. Justin pulls you and Heather in for a hug you take a picture. He kisses you on the cheek then asks you a question.

Justin: Whats your name gorgeous?

You: *y/n* ( y/n means your name)

Justin: ahhh beautiful name *y/n* I have a feeling we are going to meet up again tonight.

you gave him a confused look and you were pushed along by security and they next fan meet Justin . You looked back at him and he was staring at you and winked. You blush and turn around and run to your seats.

Heather: woa what just happened back there?

you: what do you mean?

Heather: I mean what was going on between you and Justin?

you shrug your shoulders and smile.

Heather: NO WAY !!!!

you: what ?!?!

Heather: Justin Bieber has a thing for my best friend!!

You laugh sarcastically.

You: if your best friend is suddenly Selena Gomez...

Heather: shut up !! you know he does!!!

your convo was interrupted when the count down for Justin started and you and heather ran to your 2nd row seats and joined the screaming girls....

* A/N I hope you guys like it . This is my first fan-fic and I honestly think I did pretty good. if you don't like it pleae tell me I need advice!!!*

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