At your at least 3rd Justin Bieber concert , You finally get good seats and tickets to his meet and greet. Once you meet him he instantly feels sparks. But your not sure if you want to go down this road after you have heard about all the heart breaks and drama with Biebs. What will you do ?


5. The Date <3

Eventually your sister detaches herself from Justin's leg and he picks her up and spins her around while she is laughing  uncontrollably.

Justin: hey, we should probably get going.

You: yeah you are right. Wait, where are we going ?

Justin: You will see... he then winks at you. Gosh , every time he winks at you your heart melts a little more ,and you fall a little bit more in love with him.

When you get close to your destination Justin makes you cover your eyes. Once he tells you to open them you notice you are at your favorite place on earth. Wet & Wild. You then realized you didn't have a bathing suit.

You: umm Justin....

Justin: yeah shawty?

You: I don't have my bathing suit...

Justin : don't worry ill buy you won at the gift shop. he winks at you again. God damn.. that wink just gets you everytime.

once you get into the gift shop Justin picks out two bathing suits that he likes. They are both strapless and tight. You look at Justin and he is smiling you push him playfully.

Justin: please just try them on...

you: okayyyyyyyyyyy...

you try the first one and it is a strapless bikini that is kind of sparkly. It revels your 6-pack from cheer. You have been cheering since you were little and you are on Top Gun.

you walk out of the dressing room and Justin is sitting there with his mouth open staring at you from head to toe.

You: may I help you? you say with a giggle.

Justin: sorry, but danggg gurl you got a nice body.

you blush and look away and walk back into the dressing room and take off the bathing suit. You walk back out and go up to the cashier. and pay for the suit.

Justin: why did u pay for that ?

you: because I can .

Justin: well as long as you are with me you don't need to pay for anything...

you: oh well just did . you say smiling.

Justin: get your butt in the bathroom and put that bathing suit on so we can have some fun!

you: deal.

you run into the bathroom and quickly put the suit on. You walk out and cant find Justin. But, then someone comes up behind you and wraps their arms around your waist and throws you up on their shoulder. Then you realize it was Justin.

You: Justin put me down!!!!!!!

Justin: no!!!!!!!!! NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Justin runs into one of the pools with you still over your shoulder. After a few amazing hours you start to head home.... when you pass your house you look at Justin with a confused look.

Justin: we aren't done with our date yet .......

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