At your at least 3rd Justin Bieber concert , You finally get good seats and tickets to his meet and greet. Once you meet him he instantly feels sparks. But your not sure if you want to go down this road after you have heard about all the heart breaks and drama with Biebs. What will you do ?


4. Meeting the fam... kind of .

 The next day your alarm goes off and we roll over and press the snooze button. But then your phone lights up an you look at it and you had a text from Justin and it said " You excited for today? (;"

You then realize that today was your date with Justin... you couldn't believe it , you started to remember what had happened last night.... Justin kissing you , being his one less lonely girl, and actually meeting your idol. But, you started to re-think everything and start second guessing yourself. You weren't sure if you wanted to date Justin Bieber because of all of the heart breaks and drama that has happened in everyone of his relationships. You reply to Justin..." Yup (; cant wait!"

he replied back " Get ready ill be picking you up at 10:00"

you look at your clock and you realize it is 9:35 ... oh crap , you rush into the shower, blow dried your hair curled it and picked out a cute casual but flirty outfit and threw on your favorite pair of vans. When your phone lights up again... It's Justin

Justin: "I forgot to ask you umm.... where do u live?"

You: "lol , 1200 Sunset Ave. California"

Justin arrives at your house in less then 5 minutes you rush down stairs once you hear the doorbell ring. Justin is there looking at the ground and looks up at you and smiles at you with that sexy smile of his.

Justin: You live here?!?

You: ya . Why are you so surprised ?

Justin: oh no reason but this place is really big. Plus, once you told me where you lived I realized you were just 2 blocks away from my house.

You:Really?!?cool and thanks my dad is a the owner of Smash Records .

Justin: that explains a lot.

You smile and you lead Justin inside. Your mom looks at Justin smiles and continues making breakfast. Justin looks at you confused of your moms reaction.

you tell him: we have famous people over here all the time thanks to my dad...

Justin then gets it and follows you to the kitchen.

You: mom this is Justin, Justin this is my mom .

Mom: Hello Justin , nice to meet you my daughters are both big fans of yours.

Justin looks at you and smiles you blush and look away.

Justin: wait you have a sister?

You: oh yeah. Her name is Skye.

Justin: how old is she ?

You: 6.

Justin: Really ? awesome. Can I meet her.

Justin gets all excited. You were amazed by how much Justin really does love kids. You guide him to your little sisters room . She was watching Justin's movie Never Say Never. Justin smiles. She finally realized you were in her room and saw Justin her face went blank for a couple of seconds because she was in shock but then runs up to Justin and attaches herself to his leg.

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