At your at least 3rd Justin Bieber concert , You finally get good seats and tickets to his meet and greet. Once you meet him he instantly feels sparks. But your not sure if you want to go down this road after you have heard about all the heart breaks and drama with Biebs. What will you do ?


2. Concert<3

 Everyone around you was screaming the count down

All: 5....4....3...2....1.....BIEBER!!!!!!!!!!!!

everyone screeched in joy. Before you knew it Justin was flying down to the center of the stage with the giant wings gently putting him in the spot light. Justin then started singing All Around The World. Soon Justin noticed you and the crowd and winked at you. The conversation you and Heather had before the concert came back to your mind and you asked yourself..."does THE Justin Bieber actually have a thing for me?....phsttt no, why would he im just a fan and he is the most famous 19-year old alive."

but, after Justin did wink at you your heart melted and Heather looked at you with and "I told you so" face. Justin continued the concert and started to sing OLLG and all the sudden you felt a tap in your shoulder and instantly got butterflies in your stomach.

Girl: Do you wanna be the one less lonely girl?

you get all excited but look over to Heather to make sure it was ok she nodded to you a yes.

You: OF COARSE!!!!

Girl: Alright *y/n* come with me....

You: how do you know my name?!?

Girl: well lets just say Mr.Bieber made a request for you to be the one less lonely girl.

You were so shocked that he actually did request you to be his one less lonely girl

You sat back stage for a few minutes until one of Justin's dancers walks to you takes your hand and says...

Dancer: follow me.

he leads you out to the stage. you start to get a little weak in the knees but once you see Justin yours eyes locked and you sat down on the chair they had set out for you. Justin then comes over to you winks and sits on your lap (lol) and continues singing.

Justin: Theres gonna be ne less lonely girl im gonna put you first im gonna show you what your worth just let me inside of your world there is gonna be one less lonely girl....

Justin grabs your hand when he is done singing and runs you backstage and tells you...

Justin: stay here till im done. Please

you nod your head. your speechless because you still couldn't believe that just happened to you.

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