At your at least 3rd Justin Bieber concert , You finally get good seats and tickets to his meet and greet. Once you meet him he instantly feels sparks. But your not sure if you want to go down this road after you have heard about all the heart breaks and drama with Biebs. What will you do ?


3. Backstage (;

 you are still sitting backstage when you see Justin fly around the corner.

Justin's P.O.V:

She is so beautiful. When I hugged her at the meet and greet it felt so good and so right. I have never felt this way before, with anyone. Not even Selena. I run up to her and stop at least 5 inches from her face.

Her: May I help you? she said with a giggle

You: Yes . will you give me your phone?

she looks at you confused but once you pull out your phone she gets it and hands her phone over. You add your contact in as " Sexy Af Beiber" before you hand her phone back you take a picture for your contact image. While you do that you take like a million selfies and lock it and hand her phone back and she gives yours back. Once she sees what you put your name as she smiles and when she notices you blew up her phone with pictures of yourself she starts to laugh. You unlock your phone and she put her name under "Swaggie *y/n*" you smile and wink at her.

Her: soooo .... sexy af bieber .... why did you want me to stay backstage ?

You: So I can ask you if you would like to hang out tomorrow?

Her: of coarse I will. She blushes and tries to hide it.

You: No! don't hide your face I think its cute when you blush.

she smiles and is blushing again. You lean in for a kiss once Scooter comes in and interrupts you and tells you...

Scooter: Alright kid. Great show now get ready for your interview.

you say to yourself "oh ,shit I forgot " and you nod to Scooter.

You : Alright ill be there in 5 .

Scooter nods and exits the room. You finally lean in and kiss *y/n* on the cheek . And tell her to call you later for the details and run to your dressing room and start getting dressed.

*a/n Sorry its short but hey I uploaded more chapters and im sorry if its boring it will get better I promise.*

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