My Opinions

These are my opinions on popular things


2. TV

Reality TV

      I like some reality TV like the voice, and Shakira was the best coach, I'm counting Cee Lo Green and Christina Agulaira too. The best artist is Blake Shelton, who performed his song boys round here and was really good! The finale was really good BTW Cher (not Cher Lloyd) is too old to wear what she wore. Whats her face didn't deserve to win it so should have been Michelle. Hunter Hayes surprised me  his performance was actually pretty good.

My favorite shows

My favorite show is Doctor Who, my favorite doctor is the ninth, the one with the best hair is by far the eleventh doctor. My favorite "villains" are daleks, cybermen, and the weeping angels. I love all the companions. The doctor with the best accent, in real life, is the tenth.

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