My week in Hogwarts

This is a story about spending a week in Hogwarts with Albus and Lily Potter (Harry and Ginny's kids) and Rose and Hugo Weasley (Ron and Hermione's kids). Meagan, the main character, Albus, Lily, Rose, and Hugo go on an adventure through the school to visit places from their parents past such as the chamber of secrets.


1. Arriving at Hogwarts

It was my first day at Hogwarts. I only had a week to do everything I wanted to do.  I sat all alone on the train, too anxious to make friends.  I wondered if we would take the boats or the carriages. I wondered what house table we would be sitting at. I wondered if I, an uneducated witch, would fit in with these highly trained witches and wizards. I never could fit in anywhere else, but that was because I am a witch. I started shaking. What if I didn't belong anywhere? And, an even scarier thought, what if I did belong at Hogwarts but I couldn't stay? I almost burst into tears when the trolley rolled past. "Sweets?" the old witch asked, smiling. My parents had gotten me a few galleons for the trolley, so I grabbed some chocolate frogs and sugar quills. I didn't dare grab any Burty Botts every flavor beans because the muggles had invented some of their own and I had some very unpleasant experiences with them. I saw the train was pulling into the station as I finished the last frog. I was finally at Hogwarts.

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