When 17 year old dancer Cassie gets the oppertunity of a life time she has no choice but to accept. Her life is thrown into a whirlwind and when her heart is torn in seperate ways she doesnt know what to do, she can only choose one path, but will she choose the right one?


2. Why Do You Even Exist?

Ding, ding, ding

I rose lazily from my bed to muffle the sound of my alarm clock. Ugh. School time. 

I made myself get up and go downstairs where a full spread of breakfast lay on the dining room table, my mother had left for work so it was myself and my father left for breakfast.

"Good morning dear" he said gruffly, not looking up from his paper

"Hi dad" i said pouring myself a bowl of cereal and wishing my brother would come and save me from this awkward silence, he was probably putting the finishing touches to his hair. Eeeesh.

I left the table as quickly as i had come and went to get ready for school, i pulled on some white skinnies and a lacy top, i thought i looked quite cute today. Might as well beat the bullies in style!

I arrived at school to the usual comments being whispered under peoples breath: 

"Slut" "Whore" "Skank"

Thats when Amber approached me, i tried to bypass her but she blocked my way with her tall slender frame.

"Why if it isnt the little ballerina who thinks shes the next big thing!" she spat nastily

"Fuck off Amber, i dont have time for your shit" i spat straight back, used to her nasty self

"Watch it you feisty bitch! Your never going anywhere in life you loser, why do you even exist? " and with that she flounced away with her friends, leaving me standing there, broken and hurt.

She never usually got to me like that but with that little comment, well, it packed a lot of punch. 

At lunch my only friend was a girl called Lucy, she was a plain jane but  a trustworthy and brilliant friend, she was my shoulder to cry one and i dont know what i would do without her. 

"Dont mind that cow, shes just jealous" she told me, fairly carefully in case she was overheard

"Yeah, i suppose" was all i could muster before the bell rang signalling the end of lunch. 

I gathered my books and shrugged my bag over my shoulder, it was gonna be a long day.

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