When 17 year old dancer Cassie gets the oppertunity of a life time she has no choice but to accept. Her life is thrown into a whirlwind and when her heart is torn in seperate ways she doesnt know what to do, she can only choose one path, but will she choose the right one?


5. One Way Or Another

I froze onstage and just stared at them all, they were such beautiful human beings. 

But the one who stood out the most to me was Niall. His soft blonde hair styled effortlessly into his trademark quiff, his cheeky grin with his newly straightened teeth and most of all his piercing blue eyes that seemed to delve into your soul. Woah that got deep.

I snapped myself back into dance mode pretty swiftly after they announced the 3 minutes began. 

I danced my heart and soul out and aced my routine. I felt like i had done my best and thats all i could do. They had been the longest three minutes of my life but they could also decide my entire future. 

I walked offstage just as i heard a smartly dressed lady telling the boys that it was time for a short break. 

I found a private area where i could have some alone time and evaluate my routine. I was just finished my stretches and tying up my loose hair into a ponytail when i heard a soft voice almost a whisper behind me.

"You were amazing out there" whispered the mysterious voice 

I whipped around and found myself face to face with none other than Niall Horan. He looked amazing and he was staring deeply into my eyes, i found myself gazing back and realised i had not answered him.

"Um....thanks i guess, i really tried my best" i gushed, delighted he had sigled me out from my very advanced group

"I mean it, there is so much passion there, i just loved watching you, you had me mesmerized" 

I mesmerized Niall bloody Horan

"Thanks" i squeaked

" I want you to know that its good news for you because one way or another i am getting you" he said fiercly, the glint in his eye nearly scared me but i knew i was safe with him."dont tell anyone else, just wait for the call"

And with that he was gone, leaving me with nothing but the sweet smell of his cologne. 

And my dreams being handed to me on a silver platter.

And the boy of my dreams telling me i mesmerized him.

Nothing could be better


I had to have her, that was simple. 

She was amazing

And she was mine. 

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