When 17 year old dancer Cassie gets the oppertunity of a life time she has no choice but to accept. Her life is thrown into a whirlwind and when her heart is torn in seperate ways she doesnt know what to do, she can only choose one path, but will she choose the right one?


10. Leather Clad Hero


I felt terrible. 

I had jumped from Niall to Harry and then to Zayn within a year. This had to stop. I know i was helping in keeping my mum alive but at the same time it was destroying me as a person. I decided it was time to tell the boys before they all hated me. 

Zayn was an amazing person and i started to genuinely have feelings for him but at the same time every time i saw Niall something just sparked, we had such a connection. I was torn. But if i didnt tell them my secret i wouldnt be able to have anyone.

I decided because i was with Zayn now that i would tell him first and it was the perfect decision, he was so understanding and told me he was going to help me through this hard time in my life. We hopped onto his motor bike and he sped off so i could see my mum in hospital. My leather clad hero, Zayn

"Hello mum" i said in a sad tone of voice, she looked so sick, her time was running out.

"Hi hunny, whos your friend over there" she said cheekily, she still had her sense of humour in her last hours.

"Thats Zayn, hes been helping me help you, but i think its time." i said, the lump in my troath growing bigger and large tears sloshing down my face.

"I know dear. But dont be sad i have fulfilled my life and had fun" she said happily.

Suddenly the ward doors swung open and in walks the four other boys

"I gave them a call" Zayn said as he wrapped an arm around my waist.

They were all so supportive and understanding as we sat around my mothers bed, chatting and laughing. She seemed like her old self but i knew these were her last moments.

We were about to leave for the night when the moniters around my mums bed started beeping like crazy.

"DOCTOR!" i screamed tears streaming down my cheeks.

There was nothing they could do. My mothers body had rejected the chemotherepy. Her body was beginning to shut down.

I soon drifted off to sleep in Zayns lap.

The next morning i woke to see my mother, peacefully resting. She had past away during the night in her sleep, with her last smile still on her face.

I kissed her on the cheek and walked silently away. Tears dripped and dripped like rain.

My rock, my whole world came crashing down on me.

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