When 17 year old dancer Cassie gets the oppertunity of a life time she has no choice but to accept. Her life is thrown into a whirlwind and when her heart is torn in seperate ways she doesnt know what to do, she can only choose one path, but will she choose the right one?


1. Blood,Sweat And Tears

Sweat poured from every pore in my body.

I actually didn't know it was possible to sweat this much, but it will all be worth it in the end. I finished off my routine with a complicated split move that was taking me a long time to master, being a dancer you get used to the pain and frustration of this. 

I glanced at my toned gleaming body in the studio mirror and decided i was done for the day. I felt satisfied with my progress and knew i have acheived my best. I just had to cross my fingers and hope for the best.

The band commonly known as One Direction were holding auditions in my local area for new backing dancers and knew it was my calling. My mother supported my choice fully but my father was less pleased with my choice to turn professional in dancing, he wanted me to go into Law like everyone else in the family but i felt like it was time to break out and do something i loved. Rebel. 

"You were amazing today hunny, you have put in so much, you stand an amazing chance!"

She had to say that, she was my mom, there would be so many other amazing dancers there so much better than me. Everyone would have put their blood sweat and tears into their 3 minute routines.

"Thanks mum" i muttered and pulled her into a tight sweaty hug.

I let the cold jet of water stream down my body in the relaxing shower, my teeth chattered from the cold but it felt good on my hot skin. I let all my thoughts run free and tried not to worry about what the coming week would bring. The audition was being held on Friday which would mean i would have to face a whole week of school. 


Somewhere where i was an outcast, loser, loner. Nobody liked me. I was a quiet girl and the only way i could express myself was through dance. I would love to see the bullies faces if i got to be a backing dancer. Wouldnt be much of a loser then would i? I smiled to myself at this thought as i changed into a silk nightie and fell asleep, my hair still soaking wet, but a large grin across my face that no bully could wipe away.

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