When 17 year old dancer Cassie gets the oppertunity of a life time she has no choice but to accept. Her life is thrown into a whirlwind and when her heart is torn in seperate ways she doesnt know what to do, she can only choose one path, but will she choose the right one?


7. A Boy Called Harry

I sat lounging in the tour bus eating a snack bar, all this training was tiring and i was glad for a break day.

"Morning sexy" said a husky voice from behind me.

It was Harry. Why was he calling me sexy? I was NIALLS girlfriend, he knew that.

"Hi Harry" i said protectively, guarding my figure against his wandering eyes, i was only wearing a skimpy nightie.

He came towards me and looked me into the eye, he had the most beautiful green eyes. I couldnt help but notice he had no shirt on and before i could help myself my hand drifted up and came to rest on his muscular six pack, feeling the tense muscles in his stomach.

He leant down me, and our lips met. He pushed his tongue into my mouth but mine met his half way. The thing that worries me most is that i didnt even think of Niall. My boyfriend. 

"That was nice, darling" he whispered, squeezed my bum and walked away, not a care in the world

That word left a ringing in my ears. Darling. It was a code word my friends and i used to use for a slutty trashy girl, i was actually that. Darling- me.

I couldnt believe what just happened to me. Why did i cheat on Niall like that? I didnt even care. I was a changed person.

I found myself from then on deeply intrigued by the mysterious boy with the brown curly hair and goregous green eyes. I had to have him, Niall just would not do anymore. I felt terrible but i had to tell him the truth. He deserved that much.

"Niall baby" 

"Yes my darling?" oh god that word again

"The thing we have going on between us is wonderful but i feel like it has to come to an end" i nearly whispered, i had a lump in my troath that would not go away.

He simply smiled sadly at me and walked away. That was it, it was over, i felt a giant weight lifted off my shoulders. 


I was broken

I had lost her.

And i knew who was responsible, as he was everytime.

Harry Styles. 

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