My Guardian Angel

Casadee may be a small kid but has a big dream can her dream come true?


2. Discovering Maggie

 In the morning to I woke to find the worst disaster possible the whole of Healdsburg struck by a hurricane the worst anyone has seen in centuries!, I ran to find my nan but could not see her anywhere in sight all I could see is the wreckage of  buildings and terrified people. I could hear there screams of pain then I felt something touch my shoulder gently I turned around to see a girl dressed in white she kind of looked like Maggie but I really did not want to believe it was, I was thinking to myself is this a dream?

Then the girl said "No Casadee this is not a dream"

I turned around in shock my whole body shaking to face her I asked her "where's my nan?, who are you and how do you know my name!" 

She replied "Casadee I have known you since the moment you was first born".

I screamed and ran away into the field wondering could this girl really be Maggie?

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