Dangerously Close 💟

*1D not famous*
Bree �� 1D
An average teen with no dad? She's more than that. Depressed? No, determined. Angry? No, passionate. Underneath her mask, she's in flames. Determined to ruin their lives and passionate about her goal. Brietta Scarlett Noel, the girl on fire.. but is she the only one burning with the flames?


10. The Brown Box []

  Louis Tomlinson, I thought would've been a little more conscious but he told me everything about Harry. I need to find out more. You might know things, but you don't know what those things could do. I was heading towards the boys' room. Niall wanted a movie-day so we were stuck watching Finding Nemo and Chicken Little. They say that if you want something from deep inside your heart, the whole universe helps you find a way to it. That's what it feels like now. 

  We were inside and Niall was in the kitchen heating up some pop-corn with a few other foods. I made my way towards a closet and inside there was the thing I needed the most, at the moment. The brown box. The element of mystery, but now it wouldn't be a mystery anymore. It was carved and decorated with different stones, it looked like a jewelry box. Looking at it just made you think of your past... 

  "Bree!" Niall yelled from the kitchen. I quickly grabbed the box and hid it inside my bag. It fit perfectly. I knew I would need a bag, because I was determined I'd find the box. "What's up Ni?" I yelled back. "Coke or Crush?" he asked. "whatever you want" I replied. "Alright, can you put the movie in?" he asked. "Sure thang" I replied making him laugh. A few moments later the movie started and both of us were in the couch staring at the T.V. Finding Nemo used to be one of my favorite movies but I couldn't focus on it. I just wanted to open the box and kill the suspense. But then again, that wouldn't be so fun. 

  Later that night I called Courtney and we were just sitting by the table looking at the brown box. "... Open it" Courtney said getting impatient. I took a deep breath because this could reveal what Harry wanted from Courtney and could also answer why he's so suspicious of me. I unlocked the box and right there were our answers... there were the secrets.. there it was.. the way to it... 

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