Dangerously Close 💟

*1D not famous*
Bree �� 1D
An average teen with no dad? She's more than that. Depressed? No, determined. Angry? No, passionate. Underneath her mask, she's in flames. Determined to ruin their lives and passionate about her goal. Brietta Scarlett Noel, the girl on fire.. but is she the only one burning with the flames?


12. Liam Lustful Payne

  I walked down the hallway and there Liam was talking to a girl. Perhaps his friend. He kissed her on the cheek. Well.. a close friend. The girl gave me dirty looks so I went up to him and tapped him on his back. He turned around and saw me then gave me a warm smile. "Hey!" he said. "Hi, remember that date we talked about? I'm free, so are you. Let's go" I said smiling. "Alright, you seem a little joyful today" Liam said pulling me close to him and his hand on my waist. I smirked at the girl and she just rolled her eyes and walked away. After she left I quickly came out of Liam's grip. "Your welcome" I said. "What for?" he asked. "For saving you from a clingy lady" I said smirking. "You mean a clingy, whore who has no self-respect herself" Liam corrected me. "Didn't seem like that when you kissed her on the cheek" I said. "If i didn't kiss her on the cheeks she said she would follow me.. even to the bathroom" Liam added. "Ah, so, where do you wanna go?" I asked. "Somewhere, come with me" he said smiling. 

  We came to this small garden thing at the back of the hotel. "How'd you know about this place?" I asked walking around. "I was feeling down and.. kinda made my way here and found this!" Liam said admiring the sky. "Beautiful isn't it?" Liam asked. "It really is" I said. "So, what's the deal with you and Zayn?" he suddenly asked. "What do you mean?" I asked. "He seems to be.. going crazy because of you! Wouldn't shut-up all night, then wrote your name on his pancakes and went crazy about the time when you texted him back quickly" Liam said with a confused look. I laughed. "Thought you'd be used to it" I said. "No.. he hasn't done fan-girling over a girl in.. about.. forever" Liam said. "Weird" I commented. 

  We talked about almost everything.. Liam seems like a sensitive one and I told him about my fathers death but not the fact that he was an agent. Duh? Then he hugged me and he intertwined our fingers. "I had a great time" Liam said smiling at me. "Same here" I replied. ".. Bree.. if you ever had a secret would you keep it from anyone you loved?" Liam asked. "Depends on the secret" I replied. "I wanna tell you something.. because I just.. feel a connection to you.." he said and looked at me deep in the eyes. His brown eyes twinkling with lust. Wait... WHAT?! Lust?? "Go ahead" I said nervous.. I never felt nervous around any of the boys.. I'll be honest. Out of all the boys I hate Liam, the least because he doesn't seem cruel.. he seems.. nice but they are expert disguisers. "I really.. I really am.." he was saying. Was he going to tell me that he was a murderer? I can't jump to conclusions. 

  Rule 7: No matter how obvious things are, jumping to conclusions will cost you. I waited for him to get his words out and he finally spoke.. 

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