Dangerously Close 💟

*1D not famous*
Bree �� 1D
An average teen with no dad? She's more than that. Depressed? No, determined. Angry? No, passionate. Underneath her mask, she's in flames. Determined to ruin their lives and passionate about her goal. Brietta Scarlett Noel, the girl on fire.. but is she the only one burning with the flames?


32. His Majesty: The Mastermind

  "Dannielle, what are you doing here?!" Liam asked, furiously. "I-I.. uh.." Dannielle hesitated. "Liam, I thought you said Dani was dead" Niall said. "Apparently not!" Liam shouted, frustrated. Me and Harry dragged Dylan Peazer out of the room leaving Liam with Dani and the rest outside the door. "What do you want?" Dylan asked. "Where is he?" Harry asked. "Who? What- What are you talking about?!" Dylan asked, confused. "Listen Mr. Dylan Peazer, I'm not asking for anything more but Louis. Give me what I want or you can die" I said, straight-forwardly. After that there was a small silence until he spoke again. "Hands up!" he said and there.. he had a 9mm (best pocket gun in the world) on his hands. Me and Harry knew that to find Louis, we'd have to do what he says, so we put our hands up.

  He took us in his car, pointing the gun at our heads. "Don't even try calling your friends" Dylan sneered. "Besides, our gang has probably caught them by now" he continued. "It was hard because you found Dani, but not impossible.. at last, I caught you Brietta" Dylan stated. "Why? Why were you looking for her?" Harry asked. "Because he wants her" Dylan replied, snickering. "Who?!" Harry asked, annoyed. "No more questions, get out of the car! Oh, and don't even try running" he demanded. We got out of the car into a large building, with about 20 guards outside the entrance. As we stepped in, they started checking us and finally we went in. Inside there were more guards and this can only mean one thing. This is where the mastermind is. Protected by all his fellow people.

  Instead of meeting someone, we went inside a room, which was Dylan's office. "Sit" he ordered, as we pulled out a chair and sat. "Now, you'll tell me exactly what your mission is" Dylan asked me. "I would, but then I'd have to kill you too" I snapped back. "Fine, Harry you tell us" he asked, facing Harry. "I'm not an agent" Harry replied. "Well, Bree must've told you something" Dylan argued. "Nothing" Harry replied, again. "Fine then. Brietta, if you don't tell us.. you can forget about your friend Louis Tomlinson. He won't make it alive" Dylan stated, coldly. I thought for a moment but then agreed. Before agreeing I had told Dylan to take Harry out of the room, so he did.

  "Now, what is this mission?" he asked. "Why do you want to know?" I asked. "Because I have to" he replied. I explained to him about my father's death and how much I wanted to kill his murderer. "What does that have to do with these boys?!" he asked. "Nothing" I replied. "Then why're they everywhere you go?" he asked. "They just come" I replied, simply. "You have.. nothing to do with them?!" he asked. "No" I replied. He got up and went outside. Then, I heard a few gun shots that made my heart break a little.

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