Dangerously Close 💟

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Bree �� 1D
An average teen with no dad? She's more than that. Depressed? No, determined. Angry? No, passionate. Underneath her mask, she's in flames. Determined to ruin their lives and passionate about her goal. Brietta Scarlett Noel, the girl on fire.. but is she the only one burning with the flames?


13. Everything On The Line

  "I am.. I am not who you think I really am" Liam said hesitating. "Liam-" I was saying. "No, I have to tell you now or later. I was a bully. I bullied people and this girl was traumatized by me that she.. she cut herself" Liam said looking down, ashamed of himself. "I didn't know" I said rubbing his back. "I understand if you want no connections with me" he said and faced me with a hint of tears in his eyes. "No" I replied. "I'm staying" I said again.

  "I really did the best I could for her after that. I opened my eyes and saw how wrong I was so I visited her and cooked and sang songs to her. I would drive her to the places she wanted to go to.." he said. "How was she?" I asked. "She.. she was beautiful" Liam said. "She would always visit the orphan center or the elders home. She loved helping people clean the parks and plant trees.. she was just, amazing" Liam said smiling at the thought of her. "What was her name?" I asked. "Danielle" he replied. "She sounds wonderful. She must've been an angel" I commented. "She is" he said. "A few years ago.. she was shot" Liam said. "I am.. sorry for your loss" I said. 

  I knew how loosing someone you loved felt like. It put you in an uncomfortable spot. You know they can't hear you but you always want to talk to them. "You think she's proud of what you do now?" I asked referring to my dad. "She would never want violence but sometimes that's the only way" Liam mumbled. "Violence isn't the only way.. you always have 2 ways, no matter how crazy that seems" I said. "I wish I knew what that way was earlier" Liam whispered but I heard him more than clearly. "Thank you for not.. judging me about this" Liam said and pulled me into a hug. Honestly I felt sympathy but I pushed my feeling to the side. 

  There are NO feelings in a mission. If there were feelings, than Osama Bin Laden would've still been alive. If we had feelings, we would've let him go instead of killing him. How wrong is that? That's exactly how wrong I feel. There should be no mercy in a war. If there's mercy, it's no war. And this is one of the biggest wars to me. So I hugged him back and that moment I knew, Liam trusted me. I also knew: If I break his trust, a lot of other things would get shattered, including my promise to father. Everything was on the line. A small mistake and it could all break. 

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