Dangerously Close 💟

*1D not famous*
Bree �� 1D
An average teen with no dad? She's more than that. Depressed? No, determined. Angry? No, passionate. Underneath her mask, she's in flames. Determined to ruin their lives and passionate about her goal. Brietta Scarlett Noel, the girl on fire.. but is she the only one burning with the flames?


2. A Thousand Miles

  I was training at the moment. I looked at the target-board and closed my eyes and thought of them. I was about to pull the trigger when suddenly "Agent Bree!" someone said. It was Agent Syria. "Can I help you?" I asked. "This is Agent Courtney, please be hostile and nice to her" she said and left, while Agent Courtney stepped in. ".. Hello, I'm Courtney. Nice to meet you" she said. "Bree, any ideas on why you're here?" I asked. ".. I have been assigned to help you" she said. I looked at her with blood-peircing eyes. "Weren't you at the Headquarters? I said no one can take this case" I said angry. "But Agent Syria said so herself. She said I am capable of being your help." she replied. "Here's the gun. Shoot" I said handing her the gun. She took the gun and hit it. She hit it on the middle of the board. "Great. We'll work on some things together but don't think you're in yet" I said. She nodded. "Check on things about One Direction" I said. "On it" she said and went to the table with laptop. 

  I put my hand on the trigger again. "They're in Miami!!" Courtney yelled. Then I pulled the trigger and it pierced through the mannequin's head. There was an awkward silence until I spoke. "Let's move" I said. We quickly changed back to our old outfits. Light blue shirt with leather pants, while she had a grey sweater, pink shirt and grey jeans. We had packed quickly and drove away to Miami. "Are you allowed to drive?" Courtney asked. "Does it look like I care?" I replied. By the time we got to Miami it was 7:30 P.M. but it wasn't dark. "Where are they?" she asked. "They're at the top floor in the corner which is Room 3, the room next to it isn't taken so we better move there. Quick" I said. It's logic, they're criminals and they'd take a private place, which is the top floor in the corner and only Room 3 was occupied with 5 guys, as the Manager said. It's obviously them.

  "I drove a thousand miles to get here. A wise woman would take this time to get to know these boys. So.. expect a call from an unknown number and save it" I said. "What are you gonna do?" Courtney asked. "A few things" I replied. "By the way, go and have some fun! Maybe you'll even meet some new people" I said. "Why can't I come?" she asked. "C'mon. You'd rather have fun. Ok. See you" I said walking outside the hallway. It was extremely quiet and so were the boys.   

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