Adopted by Louis Tomlinson

What happens to Abby after her parents and sister die. What happens when she goes to Africa? What happens when she is adopted by Louis Tomlinson? Will she have a normal life or will love take over?


4. Chapter 4

After about an hour of laying in the bed crying I got up and walked outside. Everyone was sitting on the benches talking, laughing and having fun. I walked over and sat down next to Liam. "Hey! Abby are you ok?" 

"I don't really know? Why does this have to happen? Why does there have to be sickness and death?" 

"I don't know Abby?" I laid my head on his shoulder. He put his arm around me. Niall was looking at me with sorry eyes. I couldn't stand to look at him when he was looking at me like that. I looked over at Kate, she was looking/staring at Niall. I giggled. I looked at Liam and then he looked at Kate. He started laughing. That pulled her out of her thoughts and she blushed. I shook my head while saying"Kate, Kate, Kate." We both started laughing. After about an hour the sun started going down. We went over to a bond fire and started talking. After an hour there I got tired and walked to the house and changed in to pajamas(One Direction Shirt and Shorts). I walked out of the bathroom an everyone except Kate, Liam, and I. I walked over to Liam's bed and fell asleep on Liam's chest. 
*The Next Day aka The Last Day* 
I woke up and remembered it was our last day. Great! Not! I can't stand the Orphanage! I got up out of the bed and walked over to my suitcase. I got out an outfit and went into the bathroom to change. I walked out after I changed and everyone was awake. I walked outside and Kate was sitting on a bench. I walked over and sat next to her. She looked and me and asked "Why is it that my parents gave me up?" 

"I don't know? But I do know that they missed out on having you as a daughter!" 

"You really think that?" 

"Yeah!" I smiled and hugged Kate. She got up and walked back into the house to change. Then Liam walked out and sat down next to me. We held hands. Then I had to tell him we were leaving."Liam?" 

"Yeah Abby?" 

"We have to leave tomorrow." 

"What?! You can't leave!" 

"I have to go back to the Orphanage and can't leave again unless I'm adopted. This was a one time deal!" 

He hugged me and I cried into his chest. Then he said "Abby I love you! I can't live without you!" 

"Same here."

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