Adopted by Louis Tomlinson

What happens to Abby after her parents and sister die. What happens when she goes to Africa? What happens when she is adopted by Louis Tomlinson? Will she have a normal life or will love take over?


22. Chapter 20

Abby's POV
Liam's eyes closed. I started freaking out. "Louis! Take my jacket and push it down on the wound! Harry call 911!" 

Louis looked at me and said "Abby what are you doing?" 

I crawled over to Liam's face. "This!" I plugged his nose and opened his mouth. I blew into his mouth. Then I started trying to restart his heart. I repeated this process for a while until I gave up and started crying into his chest. I said "Please Liam don't leave me!" 

Louis grabbed me and hugged me. "Abby it's ok. Shh I'm here!" 

Harry came over to me and said "Abby you still love Liam. I see it in your eyes. We can still be friends but only friends!" I hugged Harry. The ambulance came and put Liam in the car. I rode with him. 
*Skip Ride to Hospital*
Once at the hospital they took Liam to a room so they could do surgery on him.  I sat in the waiting room with Louis while Harry went to get everyone. I laid my head on his shoulder and waited. A nurse came back and said "Who is here for Liam Payne?" 

I shot up quickly "I am!" 

She looked at me "He will be ok but he is in a coma. It could be a while till he wakes up." I started crying. They were tears of joy and sadness. She said "You can come see him but one at a time." I looked at Louis and he nodded. I followed her to Liam's room. I walked in and saw Liam lying on the bed. I walked over and pulled a chair up beside his bed. 

I grabbed his hand and said "Liam please don't die! I love you! I never stopped loving you! I never will! You are my other half. I need you!" 
*3 Years Later* 
Liam is still in a coma. It's just me and Kate today. We were both in his room. I watched him. I just want him to wake up already. I was holding his hand like everyday. Then he squeezed  my hand. I looked at Kate. "Kate he just squeezed my hand!" 

Then he started to wake up. Then his eyes fluttered open. I was overfilled with joy! I kissed him but he didn't kiss back. 

I looked at him "Liam, what's wrong?" 

"Who are you?" 

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