Adopted by Louis Tomlinson

What happens to Abby after her parents and sister die. What happens when she goes to Africa? What happens when she is adopted by Louis Tomlinson? Will she have a normal life or will love take over?


2. Chapter 2

No way! One Direction! I looked over at Kate and she looked like she was going to faint. Before I knew it, she fell to the ground. I struggled to stay awake but I had focused in getting Kate over onto a bed. Once she was on a bed I went to get a cold washcloth. I held it over her head and squeezed the water out of it. She woke up and said"I just had the weirdest dream. We were in Africa after your parents died and we were roomed with One Direction." 

I looked at her and said"It wasn't a dream. It was real." She looked around the room and almost started crying. I've never seen her this happy.     I went over to our suitcases and picked them up. Liam came over and helped me. Wow he is a gentleman. I smiled as he put the suitcase down. Then we all got up and walked out to a bond fire. It was fun. We got to know each other. Well they got to know us. After that we all went back inside and went to bed. I woke up in the middle of the night crying so I got up and walked outside. Liam followed me. We walked around together and stopped in a place where we could see the moon perfectly. It was romantic. We laid down together and looked up at the stars. Then we talked even more. Apparently, Liam and Danielle broke up. He was really depressed about it. I felt sorry for him. But I wouldn't know how he feels.. No one really liked me at home.  When we both got tired we got up and just stood there looking into each others eyes. Then we got closer and our lips touched. That's when I realized something... I love Liam Payne.

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