Adopted by Louis Tomlinson

What happens to Abby after her parents and sister die. What happens when she goes to Africa? What happens when she is adopted by Louis Tomlinson? Will she have a normal life or will love take over?


18. Chapter 17

*2 Days Later*
Liam's POV
I was starting to regret ever breaking up with Abby. It's just I miss not being able to kiss her everyone I see her or being able to hold her in my arms. She seems perfectly happy with Harry. It just makes me so mad! I want her back!
Abby's POV
We were leaving the hotel and we were in our limo that we rented. The fans were crazy and pounding the windows. Eleanor, Kate and I were all laughing our heads off. Jeez girls can be desperate! Then I think one got in. But when I looked again it was a I think 30 year old man. But it wasn't the driver. Then he pointed a gun at us. He pointed at me and said "You come with me or you watch your friends die." 

My eyes got wide. I was about to go with him when Harry stopped me. He looked at him and said "No she's not going anywhere with you!" 

I looked at Harry and said "Harry I love you. But I can't lose you guys. I've lost everyone I loved I can't lose you." I kissed him and went with the man. 

He smiled and said "Good choice." He grabbed my arm and pulled me to a black car. When we got in the car he taped my hands together and then did the same with my feet. Then he put this cloth over my mouth and the. Everything went black...

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